And Snow It Begins…

8th November 2019
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8th November 2019 Elz

And Snow It Begins…

Après Ski Bands - wedding and corporate bands

If the musicians’ and venues’ social media haven’t got us excited enough about the winter season ahead, the huge snowfall last night has really put everyone into, what we like to call, Après Excitement Overdrive! (If anyone wants to claim that for a ski resort band name, be my guest. Just don’t forget to start your set with ‘2-4-6-8-Après Ski’…)

Even the beloved Après Ski Band dogs, Hobnob & Crumpet, are going extra crazy on their walk today! Why?! Because this morning’s snow is a sure sign that the ’19-’20 winter is going to be an absolute corker! (They’re very knowing dogs indeed).

Just when you think that the music couldn’t possibly get any better in resorts, our resident musicians return with an even greater fire in their bellies to smash each and every set. Your favourite bands will of course be gigging all the après hits whilst impressing with new repertoires in your favourite bars, pubs, clubs and hotels throughout the region.

Make sure you check out the Mardy Johnny Depps‘ new Basement Jaxx medley! Luke Burgess will be hitting us with his twists on Lincoln Park as well as Fleetwood Mac and the Blazin’ Strings guys welcome new member Karl Cosgrove to the stage this season, slappin’ da bass in place of our beloved Toby, to well known and new grooves – including a sexy little Luther Vandross number!

Our touring artists (both familiar and new to the family!) can’t wait to get out here and start gigging to the crowds of skiers, boarders, venue teams – and those of you who just bloomin’ well love to go to an après ski party!

So who’s new to ‘whet your après-tite’ (put your money away, you can have that for free…) this winter? Keep an eye and ear out for the following talent… Tchaï & Ali, The Danny McCabe Duo, La Fox, The Cash Cows, Mazula, Mark Walker, Steph Willis, Yoan Azencot and French rockers KTR6. Each and every artist will be offering everything you love as well as something a bit different to bring to the Après Ski Bands table of musical delights!

We welcome back looping, blues, jazz, rock legend and absolute gentleman, Chris Quinn – this time for the entire season! Adam Isaac and Bloc Off The Wall are here for extended tours as are The Dominos and Christine and her tremendous TrendsChop Shop are with us for the Christmas and New Year celebrations. French legends Brotherockers will be strolling into our hearts during another winter tour, One Ground Reggae are back to keep us chilled and warm in the sun all at once from March and Silver Souled will be doing their soulful, funky thing from mid December until January – the same time that we see the Twinkill guys return for their first tour in three years! Now, there may only be three of them, but Firekind‘s unbelievable sound creates a vibe that is comparable to the biggest of rock outfits! These legends are with us during the music, comedy and DJ-tastic Piste Bash Festival week (9th to 13th Mach 2020).

Counterflow, CoCo and the Butterfileds and The Al Jones Band, as well as many of your season après ski bands, will be representing and rocking their residencies in Zermatt. And if all that wasn’t enough, we’ll be seeing guest appearances in resorts and at festivals from even more bands, soloists, duos and DJs who we’ve had the pleasure of connecting with over the past 12 months and beyond! And all that is happening without us even telling you all about our sister company’s Taking the Piste ’19-’20 comedy tours!

Ready for the winter, everyone?! It’s already turning out to be one to remember! Just ask Crumpet and Hobnob…