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If you are looking for a DJ or bands in Milan then get in touch today! Whether you are planning a wedding, anniversary, bar mitzvah or you just deserve a party! We have the most experienced, professional and fun loving, musicians, wedding bands, corporate entertainers for every occasion ready to perform for you!

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Duomo Milan

Duomo Milan, Italy

Milan a great choice for a party!

Our DJs and bands in Milan and the surrounding area are very busy! Milan is a vibrant town where private parties and weddings fill the calendar. Furthermore Milan’s pre-eminence as a fashion capital and her role as a commercial powerhouse, means that we are often supplying music for corporate events too.
We love Milan, its small enough to walk around but busy enough to be very lively. In addition you will find great shopping, gorgeous bistros and restaurants and great museums and galleries such as Museo Veccento and Pinacoteca Di Brera.

Visiting Milan you will not be disappointed by the excellent array of places to eat. In fact there has been a veritable boom in gastronomy in the city, following Milan’s Expo in 2015.  Moreover lets not forget that Milan is a stones throw away from the Italian Lakes and Ski resorts. We often have bands and DJs playing in the Lombardy region, including Como, Orta, Stresa, Courmeyeur, Turin.

How we work

Our DJs and bands in Milan are year round professional entertainers. As you may have gathered from our title (Apres Ski Bands) we have our main operations in the French, Italian and Swiss Alps, where our musicians spend much of the winter playing in private chalets, 4 and 5 star hotels and also pumping apres-ski party venues.
In the summer months they are busy playing in the wider region for special events and festivals. Our DJs and Bands in Milan are busy every weekend throughout the summer so we do advise to book well in advance.

Glass Baloon

Popular band Glass Balloon playing in Milan

As easy as 123…

Step 1 Browse our DJs and Bands on our website or our Youtube Channel
Step 2 Send us a first enquiry – tell who you like the look of!
Step 3 One of our team will message you back, from there on in we take care of everything!

• We offer the best choice to suit your exacting needs, we are experienced in the luxury and corporate events industry
• Apres Ski Bands have years of experience to make sure planning is perfect for each and every element your event
• Our multilingual operations team organise all logistics for all aspects of the travel and performance for the band and arrangements with the venue and yourselves.
• Included in our consultancy are all production advice, artistic liaison, venue management and stage direction
• We have our own trusted musicians and performers but will also happily arrange A and B list celebrity bookings on your behalf
• We are licensed for event management. For event services, please email richard@pisteproductions.com

What our DJs and Bands in Milan will bring to the party?

Our bands usually have all the kit they need to be independent for sound and lights
Many of our Bands and DJs are a relatively short drive from most locations in Milan and therefore have their own musical equipment on board making the logistics easier for everyone.

This is what can be expected from our bands and DJs

• Bands can learn special songs for that first dance of the evening and the closing moment of the night
• DJs can play from a list of pre-selected titles
• Our performers always read the crowd to ensure the right song is played at the right moment – they are expert in this.
• Our bands in Milan and the surrounding area, can play in a strolling style, un-amplified or lounge style, during the champagne reception or canapés
• Band-e-Oke – You and your guests now have the chance to be the rock star! Live the dream and sing a song with the full backing of a professional band!
• Most of all – we believe that memories are made on the dance floor. An Après Ski Bands act will provide one of the most memorable moments on your most significant of days!

That first dance shouldn’t be left to chance!

Why use a professional events agency to book my DJ and Live bands in Milan?

Quite simply, why would you leave it to chance? We are in an enviable position to be able to pick from the best bands and DJs around.
We work alongside our bands to give them valuable feedback and advice about performances so that they are continuously perfecting their performances.
Often our clients often see our bands performing at friends events or in European ski. For instance have concerts daily in resorts such as Zermatt, Gstaad, Verbier, Val D’Isere, Courchevel and Courmeyeur. Most of our clients come directly from having seen these performances and want that “après ski experience” for their event. Maybe you have seen our bands and that’s how you found us?
Please do let us know how you got here!

What will live music do for my corporate event in Milan?

Our DJs and Musicians have played for Private banks, Google, Facebook, most car brands, for dukes, lords and royalty, at trade shows, for TV adverts, for films – you name it, we’ve organised it and our musicians have played it!
• Live music can provide musical stings for prize giving and award ceremonies
• Our musicians can provide atmosphere for cocktail lounge sets and bring the party later on
• Musicians and DJs can learn specific song choices prior to the event including music stings and queues for prize/award ceremonies
• Bands, solo artists and DJs can all play on big stages in front of large crowds or in the intimate setting of a lounge bar
• We can organise a Band-e-Oke – An event where everyone gets their moment to be the rock star and sing with a live, professional band!
• Our musicians perform different styles music (Brazilian, Blues, Pop, 80s Rock, Latino, Soul, Jazz etc) to be in keeping with your event theme

Our pick of top venues in the Milan and Lomabrdy

Westin Palace Milan

Giardino Ventura

Grand Visconti Palace Milan

Villa Plinana Como

Villa Erba Como

Villa Patrizia Magnago

Castello Carmagnola Ciusane (Lago Sorge)

Villa Rocchetta Maggiore

Villa Rocchetta Maggiore

Further services for your event in Milan

• Comedians, guest speakers, MCs and celebrities through www.Takingthepiste.com
• PA and lighting hire through Piste Productions Audio (at www.pisteproductions.com – Audio section)
• Event consultancy and planning through www.pisteproductions.com
• Site visits and terrain reconnoitre
• Event Management services
For more information about travelling to and staying in Milan please visit the tourist information centre site

Versatility of our DJs and Bands in Milan

Types of entertainment in Milan include wedding bands, party bands, sophisticated hotel performers, musicians for cocktail parties, bands for birthday parties, DJs for Karaoke, Bande-oke, Silent Disco headphone party, ceremony music for weddings, music stings for corporate events, unplugged strolling music, festival musicians, original artists, covers bands, instrumentalists.

We have great party and wedding DJs but also DJ producers that will play their own brands of music including breaks, hip hop, DnB, Jungle, Funk, Disco, House, Deep House, EDM.

Styles of Music include; Jazz, Blues, Latin, Rock, Pop, Soul, Mo town, Funk, Hip Hop, Big Band, solo, duo, batucada, classical and electro


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