30th December 2017 Elz

Bobby and his 45s are back!

The 45s descend upon the Alps once again for Part One of 2 tours!

Get ready for these three guys to blow your socks off with their rock-punk, high jinx combination of musical greatness. They’ve been described as  “Legendary well dressed men who perform killer covers of classic soul and rock’n’roll cuts.” What more could you ask for?! They’re so damn sharp both musically and visually, your ears and eyes won’t know what’s hit them…

Go and see them. Just go. You won’t regret it, we promise!

La Mine / La Plagne / Evening / 31.12.17

Frog & Roast Beef / Val Thorens / 22:30 / 02.01.18

Ski Lodge / La Tania / Aprés / 03.01.18

Le Comptoir / La Rosiere / Evening / 03.01.18

Rond Point / Méribel / 17:00 / 04.01.18

Morris Pub / Val D’Isere / 22:00 / 04.01.18