Choosing a wedding band? Après Ski Bands are here to help you arrange the soundtrack to your big day!

You’ve found the person you want to share your life with.

You’ve chosen the date that will transcend you from partners to married couple.

You’re planning the details that will put your personal stamp on the venue where your nearest and dearest will celebrate with you.

Now for the music! Our belief is that memories are made on the dance floor. Get the music right and not only will your guests will be raving about your big day for years to come, they’ll have some excellent memories of the moment everyone let lose and the party really began!

Choosing the talented folk to create the soundtrack to your big day should be a fun experience. Some couples know exactly what they want and can select, book and lock in those significant musicians or DJs in a heartbeat. Others may find it less straight forward – especially when having to consider practicalities that may have never even crossed their minds!

So we at Après Ski Bands have created a list of Top 5 key things that will guide you towards making the best choices when choosing our crème de la crème of musicians. And whether your event is in the UK, Europe, Switzerland or beyond, our multi lingual HQ is also on hand to deal with all the details so you don’t have to!

 1. Time – when do you want live music and how long do you want this performed for? The clearer you are on this, the easier for will be for musicians to say exactly what’s possible and how much this will cost.

2. Place – Consider where you would like the music to be performed in line with these necessities: Nearby power source? (No power – no projection and therefor, limited sound!) How far away is that plug to the area you had in mind for the performance? (Most artists carry 15/20m of power cable in a normal situation) Is it rain safe? (Damp ground and rain = danger of damage to electrical equipment and even risk of electrocution. Ain’t nobody got time for that!!) Don’t over complicate the day by wanting to have a music in too many places. Loading in, setting up, sound checking and packing down to move equipment takes time and energy – and it’ll cost money! You’re paying for a professional to perform on your special day. Let them serenade you in the pre arranged performance area, not roady their own equipment back and forth, creating gaps in the music time you’ve paid for.

3. Venue – What are you allowed to have music-wise at the venue of your choice? Is there a curfew for the night time party music or a sound limiter that will cut the music if it gets too loud? Are the band meant to be setting up where you may be trying to seat guests for dinner? Speak to your venue so you can plan your dream party in line with your dream venue’s possibilities.

4. Plan – Their set may ‘only’ be a couple of hours, but a musician’s return travel time, set up & sound check time, freshen up time, suiting and booting time and then the waiting time before performing, all adds up to a long day, two days or even three days of work. Please do feed, water and welcome these talented people who are about to crank your party up to 11 – and have one person to represent your voice (e.g. wedding planner or trusted friend) so that if any last minute changes / decisions do need to be made, it’s all being taken care of and the rest of the wedding party only has to worry about having a good time!

5. Trust us! Our musicians and DJs know what they’re doing. On average, an Après Ski Bands artist plays at least 150 gigs per winter season alone, creating the perfect party and practising the ideal wedding set list on a daily basis. Yes – they’ll learn that significant first dance song or end go the night hit that will leave your guests chanting for more! But after you’ve seen their promo and know that these people are the musicians for you – let them work their magic. They’ll know how to build the atmosphere and which songs will take you and your guests to the next level of dancing queens and kings!

The Daisychain, featuring Daisy B & Tom, Al Jones and Max Le Sax  // Photo credit – Ella Richardson Photography



Listen Up! The UpTones are here to play!

With their excellent musicality to ensure each and every song is executed to perfection, we welcome UpTones to the Après Ski Bands family! Their first week in the mountains saw them smash every gig from the infamous Cocorico venues to the mighty Ronnie Loves Music festival at the Rond Point, Méribel. Sophie’s voice, Alex’s guitar shredding, Dom’s rhythm sticks, Adam’s keys skills and Dan’s bass slappin’ has now been projected across these here mountains – we love what we hear and we’re so very happy that that the UpTones are with us!

Picture the scene (although you’ve most likely lived this – so reminisce with us…) – you’ve just finished a great day’s ski / board, you’re now drinking with your favourite people at your favour après venue and the mountain backdrop continues to impress – however many times you’ve stopped to admire it that day. Then the band start to play.  They immediately grab your attention. Their repertoire has all the songs you love and before you know it, you’re listening to the best musicianship you could hope for during your mountain experience. The UpTones are this band. Without a doubt. Even though they’re fresh into the Alps’ après ski scene, they already know exactly what their audience wants to hear – that’ll be their years of experience at gigging weddings, festivals, private events and corporate gigs! At the same time, they throw in hits that you’d forgotten how much you love and keep you singing, stomping and clapping throughout every set.


UpTones will be touring with us until they leave Méribel for their residency at The Hotel Post in Zermatt on 2nd April.

Until then, here’s where you may have seen them and this is where you can still party with them …


Cocorico Val D’Isère // Tuesday 19th March // 16:00

Moris Val D’Isère // Tuesday 19th March // 22:30

Cocorico Tignes // Wednesday 20th March // 16:00

Doron Méribel // Wednesday 20th March // 23:00

Rond Point Méribel // Thursday 21st March // 15:30 Ronnie Loves Music Festival

Smithy’s Alpe D’Huez // Thursday 21st March // 22:30

Cocorico Tignes // Friday 22nd March // 16:00

La Marmotte D’Or Morzine – Montriond // Tuesday 26th March 20:30

Cocorico Val D’Isère // Wednesday 27th March // 16:00

Smithy’s Alpe D’Huez // Thursday 28th March // 22:30

Cocorico Tignes // Friday 29th March // 16:00

Moris Val D’Isère //  Friday 29th March // 22:30

Cocorico Val D’Isère // Monday 1st April // 16:00

Unique Hotel Post Zermatt // Residency – Pink Bar – Wednesday 3rd April to Sunday 7th April inclusive





CoCo and the Butterfields – back in the Alps for their second tour this season!

CoCo and the Butterfields – Tom Twyman, Dulcima Showan, Rob Wicks, James Hicks, Jamie Smith and Patrick Channon. They are – without a doubt – a force majeure of musical talent. With a sold out ’18-’19 UK ‘Monsters’ tour and being the requested support act for  Blue October this February – ending at the one and only Sheperds Bush Empire! – it’s already been a hugely successful and busy time for these guys. We welcome back CoCo and the Butterfields for the second leg of their alpine tour this winter season.

If you’re out in the mountains, you’ll definitely want to head to a CoCo party during your ski holiday!

 CoCo and the Butterfileds rocking Cocorico, Tignes this winter!


You can catch CoCo and the Butterfields  at the following après ski venues this March…

Cocorico Tignes // Sunday 3rd March // 16:00

Taiga La Tania // Sunday 3rd March // 22:00

Rond Point Méribel // Monday 4th March // 17:00

La Marmotte D’Or // Morzine // Tuesday 5th March // 20:30

Scotty’s La Plagne // Wednesday 6th March // 17:00

Moris Val D’Isere // Wednesday 6th March // 23:00

Smithy’s Alpe D’Huez // Thursday 7th March // 22:30

Cavern Morzine // Sunday 10th March // 17:00 & 22:00

Lodge du Village Méribel Village // Monday 11th March // 16:45 – Piste Bash Festival headliners!

Bubble Bar Courchevel 1650 // Tuesday 12th March // 22:00

Hotel Post Zermatt // Wednesday 13th March – Monday 18th March // Residency

Rond Point Méribel // Sunday 24th March // 17:00

Cavern Morzine // Sunday 24th March 17:00

More dates to follow..!

Click on the titles to listen to and download CoCo’s most recent and hugely anticipated singles ‘Puppets‘, ‘Animals‘ and ‘Monsters‘.

And the snow came tumbling down!

Have you been out on the mountain, yet.? Have you experienced a bluebird morning which makes you feel like any worries are far behind you and all is right in the world..? Have you had the ski or snowboard this week that lifted your spirits, followed by an après where you danced your boots off and lifted other well known, local spirits (hello, Génépi!) as you said santé to your band, DJ, bar team and fellow mountain-lovers..? If you answered yes to any of those questions,  then you’ll definitely be making the most of your ski trip, season abroad or exquisite extension to your beautiful abode in the Alps.

What a wonderful, snowy start to 2019 it’s been – the stuff’s been falling thick and fast! The mountains, trees and forests look stunning, animal tracks can be spotted from your window, the roadside or when travelling to the top of your next run in a ski lift or bubble – or even when you’re headed for an off-piste adventure!

However, the roads and travelling conditions for musicians and DJs can be a little less dreamy, but travelling through various kinds of precipitation is all part of what our incredibly talented guys do to ensure you get your daily ski inspired party and relaxed hotel gig or private chalet musical experience. The professionalism of the Après Ski Bands artists is second to none!

Gigging the ultimate après ski party can be very chilly work, but the energy from the crowd, the music – and several on stage heaters or a roaring hotel fire – makes for an uplifting gig, each and every time.

Quality musicianship? Check. Snow covered back drop of mountains, slopes and multi coloured ski gear? Check. All the hits? Check. The skill and experience to create dance floor me mories for life? CHECK! The Après Ski Bands artists know their craft.




Bang on Trend! The Trends Party Band continue to rock the après ski scene on their 2019 tour..!

As the snow continues to fall at an incredible rate and the resort of Méribel continues to be the well loved and well skied heart of The Three Valleys, The Trends continue to take over The Alps with their new found love for après ski partying!

Hailing from Cardiff and established since 2012, this group of amazingly talented musicians, with a clear passion for performance, have a repertoire of music perfect for any and every occasion. And their debut in these beautiful mountains has confirmed that The Trends know how to throw the ultimate après ski party. Offering some of the best tracks through 50’s Rock & Blues, 60’s Soul, Motown, 70’s Disco & Funk & 80’s pop and rock classics aa well as all the current chart music and modern hits, this group appeals to all ages on the dance floor!
Christina’s voice is second to none and having learnt her craft at a young age from an equally talented all-singing, all-performing mum, she can take any and every audience member on a journey with her from the first song, right up to the last note. Oh, and look out for when she gets on the sax and jams along with her fellow bandmates! This is one woman with serious sax appeal. With Phil on drums, Tom on bass and Gareth on guitar – the shredding genius who will have the crowd chanting his name the moment he begins a solo – The Trends are one incredible party band you simply cannot miss.
Continuing to play at some of the biggest and best après ski venues on their tour, you can see The Trends at the following venues for the rest of February…
Cocorico Tignes // Sunday 3rd February // 16:00
Cocorico Val d’Isère // Monday 4th February // 16:00
The Unique Hotel Post Zermatt // Wednesday 6th February to Monday 11th February // Evening residency
Cocorico Val d’Isère // Wednesday 13th February // 16:00
Le Comptoir La Rosière // Wednesday 13th February // 22:30
Cocorico Tignes // Thursday 14th February // 16:00
Moris Val D’Isère  // Thursday 14th February // 22:30
Cocorico Tignes // Sunday 17th February // 16:00
Cocorico Tignes // Monday 18th February // 16:00



#What’sNew..? Silver Souled are here to play in the mountains!

As the ’18-’19 Après Ski Bands winter season continues to move forward in a snowy, mountainous melange of musical greatness, we welcome the legendary Silver Souled to the the Alps! Hailing from Bristol and formed in 2014, Naomi, Robbie, James, Martin and Matthew met and studied together at BIMM Bristol, attaining their degrees in Professional Musicianship. Their mutual love of all music from the 1960’s to present day R&B ensured this 5 piece were simply meant to be together. And take it from us, when you see a band perform for the first time and they make your whole body tingle within the opening bars of their first song, you know you’re witnessing something very special indeed.
From Stevie Wonder to David Bowie, Beyonce to Chaka Khan, Justin Timberlake to Otis Reading – this band’s full and varied style will knock your soulful socks off! Naomi’s magnificently powerful voice will grab you from the first note, right until the last.
Collectively, the band’s funky, soulful sound combined with a keyboard section to give a modern day twist on all genres, will boost the vibe on the classics and lift the up to date songs to the next level of a performance. Silver Souled are a uniquely gorgeous combination of musicians (and they are so very lovely, making them an absolute joy to work with..!) so what more could you ask for in the ultimate party band?!

Give your ears and eyes a treat this new year and check out Silver Souled at any of the following venues whilst they are with us in the mountains. And get ready for the body tingles – Silver Souled are here to make you and your après party sparkle!

Office de Tourisme, Brides Les Bains, Méribel // Monday 31st December // 17:00 – 20:00

Meribar, Méribel // Monday 31st December // 22:30 – 01:30

Cocorico, Tignes // Tuesday 1st January // 16:00

Smithy’s, Les Deux Alpes // Wednesday 2nd January // 22:30

Cocorico, Tignes // Thursday 3rd January // 16:00

Bubble Bar, Courchevel 1650 // Thursday 3rd January // 22:00

Cocorico, Val D’Isère // Friday 4th January // 16:00

Cocorico, Val D’Isère // Monday 7th January // 16:00

Hotel Post, Zermatt // Wednesday 9th January to Sunday 13th January // evening residency

Après Ski Bands – Proud to be a part of #thePXshow Lake Como, Italy

Après Ski Bands and our sister DMC, Piste Productions were proud to be networking with the multitude of private celebration specialists from around the world at the Planners Xtraordinaire show in Italy, this October 2018. The Sheraton, Lake Como, opened its doors and hosted us for the three day extravaganza.

With talks and Q&A sessions from; Special Event Planners, HNWI Private Party experts and Royal Wedding Planners, Planners Xtraordinaire hosted the crème-de- la crème of celebration planners and luxury brands from across the globe. Planners Xtraordinaire had every contact you could wish for when arranging each detailed stage of a unique event. The pre arranged one-to-one meetings gave each business the opportunity to connect and discuss the endless possibilities of future collaborations.

Après Ski Bands were delighted to see and hear live music at every step of the Planners Xtraordinaire event! The opening night’s Ricezione Splendente at the Grand Hotel Imperiele Resort & Spa welcomed us with canapés, drinks and dancing to a superb jazz ensemble.

The lavish gala dinner and unforgettable after party exhibited the finest music, dance, theatre, food and cocktails the guests could have wished for. Under the roof of the truly spectacular Villa Erba in the heart of Como, we were treated to the highest quality musicianship, supplying the soundtrack to an evening of fine Italian dining, fizz and fireworks! Huge thanks to the event’s video and photo partner, @manisolwedding for sharing their exquisite visual content.













To book an Après Ski Band, musician, DJ or exclusive, musical experience at your special event, contact us at Après Ski Bands

Email Ella:

 Ella: UK +447730612808 // FR +33650212024

 Rich: FR +33622117447



Party tonight at The Snow Centre, Hemel Hempstead with Tenacious Ski in The Lodge bar & restaurant !


There’s a chill in the air and après ski party excitement in our hearts as The Snow Centre, Hemel Hempstead, welcomes Après Ski Bands‘ very own Tenacious Ski to The Lodge bar and restaurant! Today, Saturday 29th September 2018, sees The Lodge’s launch party kick off the season of cool in style as boarders, skiers, drinkers and diners get partying to all the musical excellence you’d expect from these rock gods.

The Snow Centre, located just off junction 20 of the M25, boasts numerous awards, including the BASI Centre of Excellence and has the biggest  teaching slope in the UK. They also build the biggest freestyle features in the UK, drawing top ski and snowboard enthusiasts from across the country! Skiing, snowboarding or sledging – there’s something for everyone at The Snow Centre.
Their 150 seat bar and restaurant, The Lodge, offers fantastic views across the superb slopes where observers can watch their friends and families – or just take in the inspiring winter sport skills of clients and instructors whilst enjoying a meal and a much welcomed hot drink.


Jimmy and the guys of Tenacious Ski will be enjoying the amazing ski facilities The Snow Centre has to offer before turing the party vibe up to eleven and taking The Lodge to après ski heaven! Gig starts at 7:45pm – don’t miss it!





Look our for our monthly Après Ski Bands gigs at The Lodge throughout the ’18-’19 autumn and winter seasons, including Andy Huntley on 6th October, Paddy James on 10th November, Counterflow on 1st December, Signals on 12th January and UpTones on 2nd February!


It’s time to #SkiAndParty!


Après Ski Bands and French Wedding Style – a force majeure for destination weddings!

Wedding season is now in full flow and as couples tie the knot, get hitched, say “I do” and make their own significant life and love dedication to one another, Après Ski Bands is proud to offer the best quality music for these very special occasions.

Once again, we’ve teamed up with the site French Wedding Style to be their recommended wedding music provider and event coordinator. French Wedding Style is a site dedicated to providing a premium resource to help couples plan their weddings in France and share inspiration for French Weddings worldwide. Check out their recent online interview with us as we presented the excellence Après Ski Bands has to offer when it comes to wedding music!

Introducing French Wedding Entertainers – Après Ski Bands

More and more couples are choosing to have destination weddings and France is now one of the top places in the world to celebrate a wedding. Not only are the cuisine and drink so divine, but whether couples are looking for a château, gîte, farm house or alpine chalet, the stunning surroundings make France an ideal location to celebrate one of the most significant occasions in a couple’s life together… and the memories will last forever in the stunning photography opportunities these visually unique areas have to offer!

There are always so many classic moments to look forward to during these celebrations of love but we all know that the most acclaimed moment – for everyone attending that celebration is when the band starts to play, the DJ drops that beat and the party well and truly begins! Memories are made on the dance floor and Après Ski Bands will continue to create these memories for years to come. Our UK, Ireland and France-based musicians and DJs are magnificently professional and expert in what they do and so they become the exceptional soundtrack to that exceptional day and night. They know their craft and since every après ski gig could well and truly be a wedding party set, they’ve had hours, days, weeks, months – whole winter seasons! – of experience at making your wedding party the party of your life!

To book your wedding musicians, DJs or Silent Disco – so that you can party on late into the night on your special occasion – meet our musicians on our site and then email for questions and quotes for how to make this musical vision an audible reality!


#What’sNew..? The Hudson Dukes are in town!

James Hudson and Nick Waldock are The Hudson Dukes – a duo whom we welcome to the alps for the first time with open arms – and jazz hands!

They’re a versatile pair and have an extensive repertoire including; jazz, swing, rock ‘n’ roll, soul, blues and even their own vintage arrangement of up to date songs.

Professional doesn’t even begin to describe it for these musicians! They have performed at top UK venues including Ronnie Scotts, Grosvenor House, The Royal Albert Hall, Guildhall and a little place you may have heard of called ‘Buckingham Palace’..?! Internationally; Germany, Scandinavia and China have all been stamped in their musical passports. And now they can proudly add The French Alps to that collection too!

Visit The Hudson Dukes’ page directly for more information.

You can see this delightful duo at the following venues throughout the next couple of weeks in March 2018 – check out the Facebook pages to see more details.

Hotel Kaila / Méribel / Thursday 1st March

Le Yule / Val D’Isère / Friday 2nd March

Rockypop / Chamonix / Saturday 3rd March

Hotel Kaila / Méribel / Sunday 4th March

La Chaudanne Hotel / Méribel / Tuesday 6th March

Hotel Tignes 2100 / Tignes / Wednesday 7th March

Le Yule / Val D’Isère / Thursday 8th March

Hotel Kaila / Méribel / Friday 9th March

Brasserie du Ceutron / Aimen / Saturday 10th March

Here’s the group as a four-piece, just to whet your appetite as to what The Hudson Dukes are capable of when in full four-piece swing!