Originals – Let The Music Take You Away…

21st May 2020
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21st May 2020 Elz

Originals – Let The Music Take You Away…

You’ve seen them rock an après in your chosen ski resort. You may have been lucky enough to catch some of their original music over dinner at La Taverne’s monthly Original’s Night in the heart of Méribel this 19-20 winter season. You also may have got tickets for one of the legendary Piste Bash Festival Original Nights which have graced the festival for the past three years in a row. Well now’s your opportunity to personally own the music, penned and recorded by the talented artists who we are so privilege to work with at Après Ski Bands

Having worked alongside so many talented musicians in this industry and having key friends and family members who live, eat and breathe music professionally, I can safely say that musicians don’t choose this profession – this profession chooses them. For a select few, the cover gigs feed the habit of writing, recording, producing and promoting their own work.

Try removing all forms of music from every day life, such as in restaurants, bars, shops, on adverts, in films. Try living without the radio, audio books, or podcasts. Try an après ski – without the music! Try a wedding or birthday party without any form of music involved.  One thing’s for sure, the world would be a very quiet and surreal place indeed. Even quieter than a COVID-19 lockdown?! I wonder…

So now’s the time to reflect upon what we have and how it enriches every moment of our waking lives. All of those songs you know and love, played week in, week out, at après gigs, weddings, parties and celebrations, are someone’s originally penned music. Many of those cover artists are part of that originals club themselves – they live to write and record. So here’s your opportunity to support and celebrate their art. Especially during these tough times when work is sparse but time is definitely on our side! Have a look through and a listen to those artists you know – from après past and present – and see who you’re going to follow, support and celebrate the original work of.

 Albert Jones

After releasing his debut Album ‘Come Alive’ last year, Albert has toured the UK with his band 4 times, played countless festivals and dipped his toe into the European touring scene. The album has been supported by BBC Radio 2 (Dermot O’Leary), BBC 6 Music (Tom Robinson) and received countless plays on local radio across the UK, no mean feat for a fully independent artist. We now eagerly anticipate Al’s forthcoming EP, featuring his May 2020 release ‘See You When You Get There’.

“The velvet tones of Albert Jones” — Tom Robinson BBC 6 Music

Recent support slots for superb acts like Seth Lakeman and Scott Matthews have further bolstered his live reputation. While his origins lie in folk and acoustic music, the sound has gradually evolved. Albert is a performer who most strongly refuses to be defined by a genre, leaping from one spot to another stylistically, all the while following his increasingly prolific muse.

Expect finger style guitar playing in the vein of Lindsay Buckingham, songwriting laced with catchy hooks, and a strong clear voice delivering the lyrical goods.

“hushed vocals and lazy, twinkling guitar lines weave together to create a little capsule of happiness.” — Max Pilley — Fresh On The Net

Follow – albertjones.co.uk //  Facebook  //  SoundCloud  //  Twitter

Support & Buy – https://albertjones.bandcamp.com  ///   Al’s most recent single, ‘See You When You Get There’


Andy Quick

Formed in a living room in Devon back in September 2016, The Andy Quick Band hit the ground running with a highly original debut Album ‘THE WAY THINGS ARE’ recorded at the infamous Middle Farm Studio and packed with big riffs and playful lyricism.
Their first single ‘Liberation’ impressed Songwriting Magazine who crowned it song of the day back in January 2017. Cue a 14 date South of England tour where the band hit form, landing them slots at some of the best UK festivals of the summer including Glastonbury, NASS and Sunrise Celebration. The Andy Quick Band create a cocktail of feel good funk, roots, and wild blues. The tunes have a life of their own and the sound is impossible to pin down. Regular guest slots from Chainska Brassica’s Sax phenomenon, Tom Keel, plus the sublime vocal skills of MC Lacey of the Scribes lends the live show extra bounce for the big stages.
Andy is an eclectic songwriter and as with his first project ‘Land Of The Giants’ this new live show has evolved into a fascinating mash up of wild blues, hip hop beats, retro funk rock n roll, with sprinklings of latin and reggae rhythms – wrapped around enveloping lyrics and enormous choruses! This band is tight and the hype is growing. Andy has a unique voice and a knack for a catchy chorus. The bands 2019 EP ‘DIAMOND SOUNDS’ is a beefed up, uber confident record and shows how far the band have come creatively in a short space of time.

Follow – https://www.andyquickmusic.com/  //  Facebook  //  YouTube  //  Instagram  //  Tarantula Video

Listen – ‘Diamond Sounds’ – https://smarturl.it/diamond_sounds_links

Support & Buy – https://andyquick.bandcamp.com/


Chris Quinn 

“Across the divide, the debut album from Chris Quinn, is the kind of quality release that should propel him to the forefront of the new generation of musicians currently performing on the folk music scene” ACOUSTIC Magazine
Chris Quinn, the UK based singer songwriter and acoustic guitarist has been receiving glowing reviews in the music press for his own debut solo release “Across The Divide”. Maverick Magazine named him “A Master of the Acoustic Guitar and a quality songwriter”, Mark Radcliffe has been playing tracks from the album on the BBC Radio 2 Folk Show.

Over the past decade Chris Quinn has become increasingly known within the acoustic music world as an exceptional guitarist, a respected songwriter and a consummate live performer. His technical approach to many styles of “roots” based music including delta blues, gypsy jazz, folk, bluegrass, swing and country has lead to collaborations, both live and in the studio; with some of the most celebrated guitarists in the world.

When not touring his own well honed solo show performing original songs, telling humorous tales from his time on the road alongside a range of delta blues, swing guitar, bluegrass and folk music he’s increasingly seen playing alongside guitar heavyweights like Robin Nolan, Stochelo Rosenberg, Clive Carroll and Paulus Schäfer.

Highlights include headlining the 2019 Brecon Jazz Festival wth Stochelo and Mozes Rosenberg, performing at London’s Royal Albert Hall with the Robin Nolan Trio for Jazz FM, a solo set at BB Kings blues club in New York and radio plays on Mark Radcliffe’s BBC Radio 2 folk show for his latest album release. He also had a couple of stints as the opening act for the Jools Holland Orchestra.

Follow – https://www.chrisquinnmusic.com  //  Facebook

Support & Buy – https://www.chrisquinnmusic.com/shop

Guitar Lessons & Music Retreats – https://www.chrisquinnmusic.com/koumkini-2019   https://www.chrisquinnmusic.com/learn


CoCo And The Butterfields 

“A gentle and exquisite piece that tells a story of promises. With Tom Twyman’s insightful lyrics accompanied with Dulcima Showan’s captivating vocals, alongside gliding guitars, beautiful harmonies, and an inspirational chorus it uplifts every person that encounters it.” – Neon Music

Colourful, energetic & crowd-stamping, CoCo and the Butterfields express the intimate vibrance of a village folk fair with powerful vocal melodies to deliver catchy songs resonating in a stadium-filling urban pop vibe. In recent years CoCo have literally lived in their recording studio, taking the time to create a collection of songs that offer an honest and intriguing insight into their lives both together and personally.

To raise money for the NHS and frontline health & social care sectors during this challenging time, The CoCos have re-released their appropriately penned 2014 single, ‘Alone (Together)’.
Check out their video, created with a little help from their network all over the world…

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Download the single ‘Alone (Together)’ and help raise money for PPE equipment: https://smarturl.it/coco-alone-together


The Conspiritualists

With elements of jazz, hip hop and funk, Sean brings his songs to life with dynamic, percussive guitar playing, a nice range of lyrical themes and proper tunes to draw you in.

Follow – www.facebook.com/conspiritualists  // https://www.seangaffney.net/ //  www.facebook.com/SeanGaffneyMusic

Buy – bcallskas.bandcamp.com  //  seangaffney.bandcamp.com





After the release of the critically acclaimed album ‘The Occoquan River’ 2015, Gallie has been going from strength to strength, playing festivals and selling out shows in his adopted town of Melbourne and up & down the east & west coasts of Australia.
He returned home to tour Ireland in early 2018 where his album received some amazing reviews from the Irish music press. Three songs from the album made it onto the RTE national playlist where they stayed for a number of weeks.

In November 2018 Gallie toured Brazil as well as headlining the folk stage at the ‘Mississippi Delta Blues Festival’ in Caxais Do Sol in Southern Brazil. (One of Gallie’s videos went mini viral down there last year getting over 40,000 views in one week). Gallie relocating to France where he will be based for the first half of 2019 while touring and playing festivals throughout Europe, including Ireland, England, France, Scandinavia and Germany.
He returns to Australia mid winter, with tours planned for the east and west coast as well as all the major cities.

On new EP released in 2019, ‘This Side Of The River’

“There is a walk I used to take in Dublin, from Amiens St station up to Henry St, towards Mary st, across the Ha’penny bridge through Merchants arch and onto the Southside of the city. Dublin is a city of contrasts. It is a beautiful old city, full of music and poetry, art and rebels, junkies and thieves, violence and crime and the rain, and that walk has it all, the full spectrum, having to keep your guard up, keeping an eye over your shoulder, listening to music coming out of every pub, then everything changes you walk through Merchants arch and people’s clothes seem to fit better, their shoes are not so worn, all of a sudden you start to feel more relaxed, not so on edge, you can let your guard down (just a little). It’s that walk that inspired this song. Thinking about my family, where I grew up, what we had to do to get what we needed, it was a lot different to what some of the folks in different parts of the city had to do.”……..Gallie

Follow – https://gallie.com.au/store  //  https://gallie.com.au/live-videos  //  Facebook

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The Jazz Defenders 

Feat. George Cooper, keys player extraordinaire from Alps legends, Bloc Off The Wall.

The Jazz Defenders are a group born out of a deep love for Blue Note Jazz, drawing on a wealth of inspiration to craft their own raw and vibrant compositions. George Cooper is one of the UK’s most formidable Jazz pianists, who at only 31 years old has already amassed a comprehensive repertoire of working partnerships including Hans Zimmer, Nigel Kennedy and U2. 

Follow – thejazzdefenders.com // Instagram // Facebook

Buy ‘Scheming’ by The Jazz Defenders – https://thejazzdefenders.bandcamp.com/releases


Jeremy Johnson

British singer-songwriter Jeremy Johnson combines poetic lyricism, sonorous vocals and accomplished guitar melodies in poignant, intricately constructed music.  The songs Jeremy performs tell of hard-won life experience, existential philosophy and adventures of the heart, born from travels to all corners of our planet.

2018 saw the official launch of Jeremy as an independent and self funded musician, later that year dedicating 12 months to his debut studio album project ‘Insecuriosity’ working alongside Suffolk based producer Simon Britcliffe (Once Upon a Dead Man, Union Sound Set), recorded at Decoy Studios (Bloc Party, Florence and the Machine) and OLD JET Arts Centre, and featuring drummer James Brown (Hannie), violinist Eliza Burkitt, Taylor Moulton on trumpet and Dutch vocalist Marije De Vries (Wonder).

Jeremy’s story into music is one of philosophy, reflection and adventure, themes that can be heard in the songs he writes and the shows he performs. Fascination for this incredible planet and this wonderful and challenging life lie at the heart of this perpetual nomad and his creativity.

Follow – jeremyjohnson.co.uk //  Instagram  //  Facebook

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Luke Burgess 

Luke has been playing guitar since the age of 9 and fell in love with R&B and soul music thanks to his family. Since then his influences have developed into a taste for all things driven by a strong vocal and a catchy hook. He’s now an international acoustic musician playing soulful music, suited for all genres for all ages.
His original songs are influenced by artists like City & Colour, Ed Sheeran, Bon Iver and James Vincent McMorrow.

Buy – https://lukeburgess.bandcamp.com   ///   https://music.apple.com/us/artist/luke-burgess/825113604



Songwriting with lyrical sincerity at its core, ‘Nederveen’ embodies a pop-rock aesthetic through a blend of R&B Vocals, groove-based guitars, Hip-hop beats and a 3-piece Gospel background vocal section. 8-piece, born out of Bristol. Influenced by the styles of Ady Suleiman, Loyle Carner, Tom Misch, Don Broco, Michael Jackson, Prince, Jamiroquai and Dr. Dre – this group is quite a band to behold. 
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Ren Lawton

(aka Conor Owen)

Ren is quickly building a reputation for writing masterful songs with musical substance. Born in to London’s East End with Irish and Liverpudlian parents but now calling Newcastle home, it’s fair to say that his songwriting has been forged in hard working communities where story telling is an art form.

Ren’s 2017 debut release ‘A Calling From The Shore’ reflects upon an adventurous and searching period of time living out of his van around the UK and Europe. It’s clear to see that audiences have really connected with Ren’s yearning for exploration as ‘A Calling From The Shore’ has received 1 million streams on spotify since its release as well as having being played on top regional and national radio stations including Amazing Radio and BBC Radio 6music.

2019 has seen the release of ‘Blue Hounds’, a protest song in the classic mould and ‘Spencer Street’ a nostalgic reflection of a past relationship. Continuing focus on the ‘Spencer Street’ single ahead of further new studio material through 2019, Ren releases a bootleg version of ‘Spencer Street Live’ at the iconic Barrel House venue – capturing Ren’s deft ability to strip down full arrangements & deliver a different and engaging take on them. Recently supported Sam Fender, Westerman and Old Sea Brigade. Coverage from Clash, Indie London, Belwood Music Blog, Thank Folk For That, Music Injection, BBC Radio Bristol, 6music and Amazing Radio. Ren has now hit over 1 million listens on Spotify.

‘Slow, sparse and gorgeous’ Tom Robinson BBC Radio 6 (referring to ‘Late Night Drive’ track 4)

‘Some songwriters don’t just sing, they bleed the words’ – Ray Jones, Time Out Live

‘He is an excellent guitarist who knows how to write great songs, while also being a very listenable artist that will win many new fans with his easygoing tracks.’ – Listen Here Reviews

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Paddy James

London based singer/songwriter Paddy James makes indie rock, pop and folk recounting the mischief and melancholy of everyday life. Born in the British Midlands at the latter end of the 80’s, he picked up the guitar during his mid-teens after having been frustrated at not being able to play the ones his dad so often left strewn about the house. He began penning songs as soon as he could string together a few chords. Having always sang it didn’t take long to marry the two together. Whilst at University in South Wales he garnered a reputation through his impressive live shows and as a result landed support slots with the likes of Ed Sheeran and the Hoosiers.

In November 2016, James self-released his debut four track EP, Lost Boy on his own SOAC Records label which hit the top 5 in the iTunes singer/songwriter chart following a packed out launch at the Water Rats in Kings Cross.

Since then he has teamed up with Isle of White production duo Boe Weaver who have helped bring to life a string of releases which have now amassed a modest 60k streams online. His 2019 sell out London gig has brought him a wider and more dedicated fan-base than ever, with his latest releases, ‘Love Lost’ , ‘Perfectly Flawed’ and ‘Mr Alcohol’ gaining Europe-wide recognition.

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The Soul Motivators

The Soul Motivators are a 9-piece, 3 horn deep funk explosion, with a rough, tough, and soulful flair that motivates people straight to the dance floor.

Finding the right groove means digging deep. With a love of vintage soul and funk, The Soul Motivators have mined their musicality to bring you a fresh revival of a retro sound.

Featuring numerous veterans of Toronto’s thriving underground Funk scene and known for turning out some of the most energetic live funk performances witnessed in the city in recent years, The Soul Motivators have performed annually at Toronto’s famous NuJazz Festival, NXNE, the TD Toronto Jazz Festival, and Toronto Beaches International Jazz Festival. They have also had frequent radio airplay on CBC Radio 1, BBC Radio 2, Radio 6’s The Craig Charles Funk n Soul Show and CIUT FM. They’ve have performed at the Opera House opening for Lee Fields.

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Singles available


Beans On Toast

A down to earth song about a world upside down, ‘Strange Days’ finds Beans making sense of the unprecedented times we find ourselves in.
Written and recorded in quarantine, the cult folk singer cuts to the chase about life in the midst of the Coronavirus pandemic. Capturing the mood of the nation in his own candid style, ‘Strange Days’ offers a universally relatable take on panic buying in supermarkets, to locking-down with loved ones; social distancing from others, and working together to get through this. Timely and touching, it’s Beans keeping his head in a crisis to do exactly what he does best.
The track is accompanied with an uplifting video of Beans’ daughter Wren making the best of isolation in a very adorable way.

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Adam Isaac from Bloc Off The Wall








Spotify – https://open.spotify.com/track/1GDxxfhKVlZQ3pUeZdpXWL…

Apple Music – https://music.apple.com/gb/album/ocean-single/1475391684

Video for ‘Ocean’


Brendan Rowdy from Cash Cows


‘Black Dogs’

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