Singer songwriter and covers Solo + Guitar

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Al Jones is one of those rare talents who can make you smile, belly laugh, sing along and become tearful with joy – all whilst delivering pitch perfect vocals and stunning guitar skills at each and every gig. His seemingly effortless style and musically excellent execution has derived from many years worth of professional experience, gigging Europe, Ireland and the UK with some covers music but mainly focusing his touring efforts on his stunning originals work.

Al’s preferred musical style sits around acoustic pop, folk and blues but having spent many years playing the Côte d’Azur and Swiss-French Alps ski scene, he can turn his hand to any genre with ease. This man delivers on every level with his sets – his solo performances alone will get everyone in the room on their feet, no matter what the age or personal music preference. Al Jones is a phenomenal singer and musician and to witness him live is pure joy!


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