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Duo / Guitar & Vocals, Drums & Vocals

Also available as a Trio or 4 piece Band in The Wingmen

For private bookings, please enquire at ‘Contact Us’


Dakini – aka The Wingmen Duo, Indi & Troy-  are the musical collaboration consisting of Indi Smith Sandhu on vocals and guitar and Troy Secker on vocals and your choice of guitar or percussion. This dynamic duo have been friends since meeting at 6th Form college. They immediately knew that their multitude of musical talents and love of eclectic styles would result in one unique partnership.

Smashing all genres from blues to rock and funk to pop, Dakini’s big sound gets the crowd going each and every gig. Now seasoned musicians of The French Alps, as well as the many concerts performed throughout the UK and abroad, their experience of playing hotels, bars, private parties, corporate venues and everything in between, continues to grow each and every booking. This is one exceptionally talented and lovely duo you cannot afford to miss!

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