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Holding residencies at home in the UK and abroad, Alex tailors musical sets to create the feelings the dance floor wants. Whether that’s a rush of excitement, giddy highs and bone-shaking lows for a basement on a weekend night, a warm and relaxing chill-out session for a midweek wind down, cutting edge tracks for the innovation hungry or more familiar classics for those simply seeking a good time.

Having taught himself to mix on vinyl, Alex mixes in a variety of styles on both analogue and digital systems. Calling Manchester home, Alex has not only the considerable musical heritage of that city to draw on but also the styles from all over the world that have fed into it over the decades, as well as the music that was prevalent in London and the south-east while he grew up in north Kent. This experience of many musical cultures over his time DJing has given him a truly broad palette to work with while curating your perfect night of music.

DJ Alex Frost Mixes – for your audible delectation and delight!