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Solo – Guitar & Voice


Stephen ‘Flynn’ Collier is a proud Irishman from Dublin. He grew up in a large musical family, heavily influenced by American Folk Rock and big voices such as Van Morrison, Rod Stewart, Robert Plant and Bono – all reflected in his style of singing and playing.

He’s a versatile musician, playing solo as well as with two bands; an electric 5 piece party rock covers band and an acoustic group focussed more on pop, indi and folk.
Flynn as a soloist – and with his bands – can superbly execute traditional Irish music – he’s your go-to man for any St Patrick’s season gigs.
Now living full time in St Chef, a small village just an hour from Lyon, Gronoble and Chambery, Flynn is a passionately professional musician, combining his Irish heritage with his love of France. A beautiful combination, evident in every song, at every gig he performs.

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