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Solo guitarist & singer

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One third Wingmen band, one fantastic solo artist. Indi Smith Sandhu is a highly experienced musician with one of the most extensive repertoires any musician could wish to have. His tone of singing voice lends itself to any genre, style or song choice and when performed with his own unique twist, each track he plays is like it’s being heard for the first time.

With years worth of experience performing in hotels, bars, clubs and some of the most renowned après ski venues throughout the French and Swiss Alps, Indi Smith Sandhu has performed literally thousands of gigs. Starting in the world of music from a very young age has given Indi the foundation to hear any song and embrace it. His musical ear is enables him to lead any band or crowd in a joyous sing-a-long, however new the song may be to him, ensuring each and every person in the venue feels like this concert is just for them.