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Duo – Guitar, Voice and instruments available on request 

Trio – Guitar & Voice, Cajon, Sax & Voice

4, 5 and 6 Piece Band – Female Singer, Guitar & Voice, Cajon, Sax & Voice

Additional musician options available: Female Singer, Guitarist, Conga Drums & Live DJ

Club Vibe – Live Sax & DJ – with additional Singer & Conga Drums available on request

For ’20-’21 winter ski resort bookings, Les Jodges are available on request 

For private bookings, please enquire at ‘Contact Us’


With a combination of Soul, Folk, RnB, Rock & Pop – and a sprinkle of rock – Les Jodges will ensure your special event is musically lifted throughout!

These sexy French musicians are mesmerising to watch and will have you singing along to their mash-ups and feel good tunes. Whether slow and chilled or upbeat and pumping, Les Jodges can perform a sound track to ensure your event is one to remember – with sax solos being their icing on the most delicious of musical cakes!

JODGE BAND, ce sont de véritables compétences à votre service! 
En plus d’imposer leur style au travers de leur musique, ces magiciens vous font voyager tantôt sur de doux airs acoustiques, tantôt sur des morceaux électroniques endiablés! 
Guitare, clavier, percussions, saxophone, violon, voix atypiques, DJ… De nombreux talents qui feront de votre événement un moment unique et sur mesure! 

Fancy creating your own club vibe with live sax, conga drummer, singer and DJ? Look no further – Les Jodges have got this one covered in this interactive set up to make the party go off!