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Duo – Guitar, Voice and instruments available on request 

Trio – Guitar & Voice, Cajon, Sax & Voice

4, 5 and 6 Piece Band – Female Singer, Guitar & Voice, Cajon, Sax & Voice

Additional musician options available: Female Singer, Guitarist, Conga Drums & Live DJ

Club Vibe – Live Sax & DJ – with additional Singer & Conga Drums available on request

For ’20-’21 winter ski resort bookings, Les Jodges are available on request 

For private bookings, please enquire at ‘Contact Us’


With a combination of funk, soul, RnB, hip hop, dance – and a sprinkle of rock – Les Jodges will ensure your special event is musically lifted throughout!

These sexy French musicians are mesmerising to watch and will have you singing along to their mash-ups and feel good tunes. Whether slow and chilled or upbeat and pumping, Les Jodges can perform a sound track to ensure your event is one to remember – with sax solos being their icing on the most delicious of musical cakes!

Fancy creating your own club vibe with live sax, conga drummer, singer and DJ? Look no further – Les Jodges have got this one covered in this interactive set up to make the party go off!