The Mighty MAPS are one awesomely talented group! Their monumental harmonies and supreme musicianship are suited to each and every occasion you could wish to book them for. They’ve got years worth of pro performance racked up between them, with seasons in The Alps, Ibiza and Nice to name just a few places, well and truly under their belts!

Amy’s powerfully sensual vocals will melt your heart and rock your soul in one hit! And whether Phill, Jass, Mark or Sam decide to take lead male vocals – because each and every one of them can and will! – they’ll sing their song perfectly, with their own unique sound, whilst the others harmonise the hell out of it. (You’ll more than likely find yourself preferring their version to the original. Fact!)

The skill and brilliance of a MAPS performance is no shorter than spot on for each and every song.¬†Want to celebrate something big? Book MAPS. When you see them and hear them, you’ll wonder why you didn’t celebrate sooner.