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4 Piece Band – Keys & Vocals, Guitar, Bass & Drums

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Watching Signals perform is like witnessing a colourful window display of uniquely styled mannequins suddenly come to life and take you on a journey through the music. This female fronted math pop four piece will draw you in with their perfect harmonies, bang on rhythm section, lyrical story-telling, shouty bits, pedal board antics and time travel infused covers as well as original music.

Signals cover everything from 50s music to up-to-the minute chart hits and will subtly inject their own unique style on each tune, delivering every time on sound and performance!

Want a DJ between their live music sets? These guys can collaborate with you to put together a set list – or trust their musically educated judgment to keep the party turned up to 11!

Check out their originals music to whet your Signals appetite…!