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4 Piece Band – Drums, Bass, Guitar & Lead Guitar

For ’19-’20 winter ski resort bookings, The Wingmen are available all season 

For private bookings, please enquire at ‘Contact Us’


The Wingmen are Jass, Sam Indi & Troy. From chilled out acoustic sets with harmonious vocals to foot stomping shindigs and full band rock gigs, their charismatic repertoire of covers is guaranteed to entertain anyone and everyone in the audience. The Wingmen play a plethora of musical hits including tunes from the 50s, right up to the modern day current favourites. Rock, pop, funk, soul… Disney… yes even Disney! Want to hear a particular song? They’ll more than likely already know how to play it. And how well they’ll play each and every note of it.

These well seasoned musicians have years worth of combined professional experience and expertise under their musical belts. A four piece, live music act from Grimsby in the North of England, gigging the Swiss-French Alps ski scene in winters and a combination of the UK and Côte d’Azur in the summer months – but will travel all year round to wherever your celebration may be! They are brilliant and they are so very lovely. They are The Wingmen and they are exactly what you’re looking for in your ultimate party band!

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