Qu’est-ce que LA FOX?!

11th February 2020
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11th February 2020 Elz

Qu’est-ce que LA FOX?!

Keiran & Josh are La Fox! A high octane power duo with a neat and tidy rhythm section, electro-acoustic guitar – and voices to melt the soul.

We welcome La Fox to the mountains for the very first time this winter – and in fact – ever! And boy have these guys been taking the après lovers by storm! La Fox hail from Barnsley in Yorkshire where their music-loving ears met across a crowded Barnsley jam night nearly three years ago. Once recognising they could combine to perform the ultimate duo sound, pubs, bars, weddings, parties and all events that need their magical foxy music followed and Keiran & Josh’s force majeur of a duo took off.

Gigging the best in après ski hits as well as taking their own unique twist on all songs great, La Fox are highly skilled and adaptable in their production, keeping any room or terrace on their feet and dancing as well as swaying along to their more chilled sets, suiting any restaurant, 5* hotel lounge – and everything in between.

Everyone need a bit of La Fox in their life – so check out their remaining gigs below and catch them before this fantastic duo get away..!

Le RastroMottaretMardi11-FebAprés16:00
Pourquoi Pas BarSt Martin de Belleville Jeudi13-FebAprés18:30
Office de TourismeMeribelVendredi14-FebAprés16:30
FabrikBrides Les BainsVendredi14-FebEvening20:30
AraucariaLa PlagneSamedi15-FebAprés18:00
AraucariaLa Plagne Samedi15-FebEvening18:00
Fahrenheit 7Courchevel 1650Dimanche16-FebAprés16:00
Tibetan CaféMorzineLundi17-FebAprés17:00
Tibetan CaféMorzineLundi17-FebEvening22:00
Marmot ArmsTignesMardi18-FebAprés16:30