13th January 2018 Elz

#Spotlight On… Sian Hayley Smith

Sian Hayley Smith is one of the finest vocalist-guitar players on the music scene today. Our beautiful artist uses her loop pedal to create tracks live; layering up the guitar, vocals and percussion to create a bigger sound than you’d ever expect from a soloist. Every performance is created live, therefore every performance is unique.


Our enchanting young Irish lass charms and engages her audience and delivers a pitch perfect performance every time. The power behind that sweet, soulful voice will give you goose-bumps. 

Sian Hayley Smith is a must-see artist of an aprés, of an evening, of a wedding, of a party… of an… anything, really. She has an impressive and diverse repertoire – from soulful chilled out sets to foot-stomping classics that get the place pumping.

Here’s a weekly line up where you can definitely catch Sian. Make sure you do. It’ll be a gig to remember.

Tuesday / Lodge du Village / Méribel Village / Aprés

Tuesday / Scott’s Bar & Restaurant / Méribel / Evening

Thursday / Café Del Mott / Mottaret / Lunch

Friday / Couloir / Tignes / Aprés

Sian can also be regularly seen performing at Le Kaila Hotel Méribel, Scotty’s La Plagne, Le Yule Val D’Isère, La Chaudanne Hotel Méribel.

Keep an eye on their Facebook pages for all up to date gig info.