#Spotlight On… The Mardy Johnny Depps

27th January 2018
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27th January 2018 Elz

#Spotlight On… The Mardy Johnny Depps

The Mardy Johnny Depps – Mark and Amy – Mr & Mrs Stoneman. Hear them once. Love them forever. You name the venue / setting / feel of the evening and they’ll deliver exactly what you need – and then some. Mark’s on vocals, acoustic guitar, ukulele and stomp box and Amy’s on vocals, lead tambourine, melodica, ukulele and bass. And there’s the occasional kazoo solo too when the mood takes…

They’re an acoustic pop & rock covers duo from t’North. Cleethorps in Grimsby to be exact – an epicentre of musical talent that the Alps are privileged to witness. The MJDs have been performing together in the UK and Europe since 2010. This versatile duo, with fantastic vocal harmonies, can provide a whole host of venues with anything from a chilled set to an all-out party. They rarely play the same set twice, putting their own stamp on songs from Nirvana to Nina Simone, the Foo Fighters to The Bee Gees. Their influences and inspirations include; Mumford & Sons, Fleetwood Mac, The Civil Wars, The Beautiful South and Bruce Springsteen, to name just a few. They promise to offer an energetic, foot-stomping time and eclectic acoustic covers are their bag.

I saw this fabulous duo performing at my first ever Méribel gig in my first season – they practically took the roof off Evolution‘s opening night – along with their ‘partners in Grim-sby’, The Wingmen (more on these lovely fellas soon!) The mighty collective I was witnessing was MAPS and in one beautiful, pitch perfect, harmonious opening chord, I realised why I was in the Alps, doing the job I was doing. I remember saying to my boss, “This is why we do all this, isn’t it?! For this moment – when it all comes together!” He knowingly smiled and nodded.

You can continue to witness the magical, musical collective, MAPS, every Wednesday at Jack’s Bar‘s extended aprés.

And you can witness the joy that is Mark and Amy – The Mardy Johnny Depps – at the following gigs throughout the next few weeks.

Go. Just go. And all of a sudden, life will make a lot of sense.

(Just make sure you check out the Facebook pages on the venues for any last minute changes due to nonsensical, crazy snowfall!)

Evolution /Méribel / Monday 29th January / 22:00

Loop Bar / Tignes / Tuesday 30th January / 16:00

Jack’s Bar / Méribel / Wednesday 31st January /17:00 – MAPS!

Lodge du Village / Méribel / Friday 2nd February / 16:00

Scott’s Bar / Méribel / Friday 2nd February / 22:00 – Open Mic Night

Kaila Hotel  / Méribel / Saturday 3rd February / 19:00-20:45 & 22:00-00:00

Evolution / Méribel / Monday 05th February / 22:00

Loop Bar / Tignes / Tuesday 6th February / 16:45

Diva / Tignes / Tuesday 6th February / 20:30

Jack’s Bar / Méribel / Wednesday 7th February / 17:00 – MAPS!

Scotty’s / La Plagne / Thursday 8th February /17:00

Lodge du Village / Méribel / Friday 9th February /16:00

Scott’s Bar / Méribel / Friday 9th February / 22:00 – Open Mic Night

Evolution / Méribel / Monday 12th February / 22:00

Loop Bar / Tignes / Tuesday 13th February / 16:45

Jack’s Bar / Méribel / Wednesday 14th February / 17:00 – MAPS!

Tsaretta / Méribel / Wednesday 14th February / 22:00

Mojo Bar / Peissy / Thursday 15th February / 17:00

Lodge du Village / Méribel / Friday 16th February / 16:00

Scott’s Bar / Méribel / Friday 16th February / 22:00 – Open Mic Night

The Brewer’s Den / Méribel / Sunday 18th February / 22:00