The Groovement Winter Tour 2022/23

24th January 2023
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24th January 2023 rich lett

The Groovement Winter Tour 2022/23

Loving the versatility

The Groovement

Looking for wedding music for your whole day? At first glance you may be excused in thinking that The Groovement are a well groomed, slick and sophisticated outfit from the sunny climes of the Cotes D’Azur. Indeed when we first met the four troubadours they were playing a dreamy gig, under the shade of the majestic Olive tree, quietly dominating the plaza at Roquebrune Cap Martin.

The Groovement

The Groovement Live Band

As we enjoyed our fresh sea bass ceviche and crisp glass of Ugni at La Grotte et l’Olivier, this tuneful and soulful band played as the sea breeze shimmered the branches above. Towards the end of the meal the tempo picked up and the band turned to their acoustic instruments as they strolled from table to table playing more up beat and festive numbers. The crowed responded well, many of whom rose from their seats to join the fun; dancing and singing along.

After the show Andrea the lead singer and bands manager confided that although they enjoy the settings and trappings of high end and luxury performances, they feel most at home rocking out in the busiest of pubs and bars. The setting on that day 4 years ago, made this very difficult for us to see how a transformation of these polite young gents would be possible.

Roll on 4 years and the The Groovement have now completed their 5th tour of the alps and over 200 gigs with Apres Ski bands. The band have shown their versatility and ability to turn their hand to every occasion, every style and every type of venue. Whether it be for Private functions, 4 and 5 star hotels or Genepy soaked and pumping party venues they skilfully juxtapose their different repertoires, playing styles and technical set-ups to suit the client.

4 and 5 Hotels they have performed include – The Voulez Vous Hotel in Tignes, L’Aigle des Neiges and Yule Hotels in Val D’Isere, The Coucou Hotel and Beef Bar in Meribel (featured in the video below), The Altapura in Val Thorens, The Manal Restaurant in Courchevel

And for bars and clubs; Smithys Alpe D’Huez (featured), Cocorico Val D’Isere (featured), The Rond Point Meribel and The Ski Lodge in La Tania. These are some of the best party venues in the Alps!

Champagne and Oysters by day, burgers and Genepi shots by night!

The Groovement

Once again the variety of possible locations to play in the Alps, requires a mind blowing level of versatility from the bands. They need depth in their setlists to be able to tailor the music to the event and crowd. The band also needs a bottomless kit bag of songs to chose from so they can change direction during the gig if needed. The Alpine circuit proves itself to be the best place to hone the craft of all round entertainment to answer the demands of the todays private clients – it is possible to ‘have it all’ and the Groovement prove it time and time again.

The Groovement can be booked to produce music for the whole day of your private function, wedding or birthday. A typical day’s entertainment from the Groovement includes;

  • Ceremony Music
  • Cocktail acoustic set
  • Strolling (completely unplugged and moving around, location to location)
  • Acoustic party set, with acoustic instruments and percussion, amplified
  • Party set, full band with drums and electric guitars
  • Additional instrumentation (Sax or Violin for instance)
  • DJ set for the after party

Nb. They are bilingual FR and Eng and sing in both languages without accent

***Please note the following video is not for reposting nor publishing, they are unedited brut versions taken on mobile phones at a series of gigs in winter 2022/23…. They are used as an example of how versatile the band can be playing music for your whole wedding day

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