Après Privé with Après Ski Bands : Bringing the music live and directly to you this winter

13th November 2020
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13th November 2020 Elz

Après Privé with Après Ski Bands : Bringing the music live and directly to you this winter

So let’s get one thing clear to start with. Après is definitely not ‘cancelled’ this winter ski season. We’re just waiting on a start date! The recent articles regarding Austria’s après ski situation haven’t helped winter holiday makers’ decide on whether or not there’s yet another element affecting their plans for a very much anticipated ski trip this winter.

What to expect for this season’s après

When resort and bars and restaurants open, it will be a different après scene to the ones we’ve known and loved in the past. This year, venues will be providing table service. Many will advise you book ahead to get a seat and that all important spot to enjoy the Après Ski Bands musicians who are performing for your après ski entertainment. There’s still a magnificent host of musical talent in resort this winter. And they’re very ready to perform again. Performing is in a musicians’ very essence. It’s what they live for and since the resort shut downs were announced in March 2019, taking their livelihoods from them and the venues who book them, musicians have been so very ready to gig again. You might not be allowed to dance on the tables this winter, but at least booking ahead means you’ll get a table! Every pair of achy ski legs will get a seat. And every musician in that room will be doing what they love – performing to their audience.

Après Privé

However, for some of you, or your clients who are currently planning a winter trip, heading to a venue for après might not be an option. It might not be the desired choice for every afternoon of a ski holiday. Due to Covid restrictions, the need to socially distance or stay within a safe bubble of friends may be the only options available if a ski trip is to go ahead. Current difficulties for clients, unforeseen or suspected issues as more government guidelines are anticipated, may well mean that après would be better from the comfort of a chalet. And wether resorts are open or not, heading to a chalet for a winter retreat is still an option. That’s where Après Privé comes to the rescue! Musicians and DJs can set up and perform in a space away from the party who have booked them. Still playing the hits and still taking requests. Still creating the atmosphere of choice for an après set, pre dinner cocktails, dinner service or evening entertainment. A socially distanced, bespoke Après Privé concert. Especially for you. Especially for your clients. Personalising the chalet experience more than ever whilst guaranteeing that extra special element to a greatly anticipated holiday.

Bringing the musician to you

If you’ve seen an Après Ski Bands artist perform at your favourite après ski venue, then performing for you at your chalet is absolutely possible, too! Simply give us a call or drop us an email at ASB HQ – we can work with you or your clients to arranged a pre booked or last minute concert.

If an online concert is more suited to you or your clients’ situation – literal or metaphorical! – then of course this can be arranged, too. With the opportunity for online experiences exploding over the past 6 months, it’s now easier than ever to bring the magic of an après ski party to its audience. Planning a winter trip for you or your clients? Not quite decided your dates yet? Why not book an Après Privé online to give a taster of what’s awaiting us on the slopes this winter.

Live and personalised with an Après Ski Bands musician. Après Privé will add that extra special sparkle and create the soundtrack to your winter holiday or special occasion. Bespoke is what we do and if music be the food of après, play on. Génépi, anyone? (Goodness knows we could do with one just now!)


To enquire more about Après Privé for yourself or on behalf of a client, contact me directly for a consultation


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