Après Ski Bands’ Top 5 Tips For Booking Your Wedding DJ!

22nd June 2022
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22nd June 2022 Elz

Après Ski Bands’ Top 5 Tips For Booking Your Wedding DJ!

You’ve set the date.

You’ve chosen your venue.

You’ve budgeted for everything including food, outfits and music.

Now it’s time to book the DJ who will create the soundtrack to your wedding or special event.

Make the First Dance the greatest!

Make the First Dance the greatest! Photo c/o @mariemarryme

That’s where Après Ski Bands come in! We believe that memories are made on the dancefloor. So this is a huge part of the event which you’ll want to make just right! With our personalised, bespoke service, we will work with you to discuss, plan and consider all of the music elements you want and need for your day. We’ll then present options for DJs who can deliver these, plus we’ll help you with logistics to consider, so everything can run as smoothly as as cost effectively as possible, wherever your wedding or big event is taking place!

DJ Lady Eliza -Your International party DJ for all ages, tastes and nationalities

DJ Lady Eliza -Your International party DJ for all ages, tastes and nationalities

Here are Après Ski Bands‘ Top 5 Tips to making the most of your chosen wedding or special event DJ

1. When and where do you want music? During the outside ceremony? To serenade guests at the drinks reception? Inside the venue to accompany the meal – with a mega opening hit that will get everyone on their feet as you and yours enter the dinner hall?! For the evening or after party only? Or even for a next day event such as a chill out pool party, ensuring everyone’s regrouping whilst re-living – or trying to remember! – the best moments from the night before? (DJ Lady Eliza was pretty much DJ, guest and newest family member when she DJ’d Isabelle & Jake’s entire weekend wedding – including post-wedding pool party! – at a private residence in the Dordogne!)

2. Think about the sort of vibe or theme you’re going for during each music element booked? Upbeat, funky, disco-inspired or ambient music? Songs with the word ‘Love’ or ‘Party’ in the title? How about ‘Movie Sound Track’ themed songs? (DJ Kommissar DJ’d a wedding with this exact request! A fun game and great talking point for the guests over dinner!) Maybe you’re in search of an all-night-long Audio-Visual experience with the likes of DJs Bubble+Crisp? Planning a destination wedding and want to ensure that dancefloor hits related to your country of choice are included? No problem. Our DJ’s international experience will ensure that musical culture is included. Check out DJ Nubium. Think about the mood, energy or theme you’d love to set for each of these DJ-accompanied parts of the day. We’ll work with you to hit those exact notes.

Aliami – International DJ and musician

3. Get your ‘Hit List’ sorted! These are the essential songs that you must hear on the day. The tunes that will represent a significant moment in your life, for you and your partner, or guests who’ll be celebrating the day with you. Which tracks will guarantee to get specific groups of friends on the dancefloor? What will the older generations love to shake their tail feather to? Or which hits were always heard on the annual family holiday, taking you back to ‘that moment’ on the beach or mountain side après ski party, whenever you hear them played? Looking for an all-in-one experience of specific special tunes performed live, followed by the night time DJ set taking you into the early hours of the next day? Ben ‘Preacher Man’ Vickers or Chris Quinn are both pro musicians and DJs who can rock you from day into night.

4. Don’t forget to list the songs that you DON’T want to hear! Take a moment to think about any particular tracks which could risk triggering an upsetting memory. Maybe certain songs, however, fun and happy, were played at loved-one’s funeral. Are there songs you associate with an ex partner that you really don’t want to hear on your wedding day or special occasion? Equally – you may hate a particular genre or artist! So do mention if drum n bass (however late at night) or any amount of The Spice Girls or Billy Joel (for example!) won’t be floating your boat!

5. Create your Spotify or YouTube playlists. A selection of 30 or so songs will summarise your tastes and give our DJs the exact versions of specific songs you want to hear. You could make several playlist examples, each based on the time of day you’re planning your music for. The DJ can then build a personalised set for you, ensuring that even the most eclectic of suggestions flow and build to make the event go off in style! And if your venue has a decent WIFI connection, then in-the-moment requests can be taken to ensure that everyone feels like a dancing legend and those  memories are made on the dancefloor!

DJ Dave Ryan – France-based DJ with a multitude of international music experience

To book the right DJ for you and your event’s location or to a consider a selection of live music and DJ combinations, contact us directly info@apresskibands.com