Next level Corporate Events Entertainment in Zermatt

Corporate Event Entertainment in Zermatt

Whether a product launch seminar or end year party, we have the right musicians who can reflect the professionalism, excellence and value you want to give to your attendees!

Why use a professional events agency to book my act in Zermatt?

  • We offer the best choice to suit your exacting needs
  • We bring years of experience to the table to make sure planning is perfect for each and every element of the event
  • We provide back-up logistics for all aspects of the travel and performance for the band
  • We can coordinate your entertainment event fulfilling all operational roles such as production, artistic liaison, venue management and stage direction
  • We are licensed for event management. For further details, please email richard@pisteproductions.com

What will live music do for my Corporate Event?

  • Live music can provide musical stings for prize giving and award ceremonies
  • Live music can provide atmosphere for cocktail lounge sets and bring the party later on
  • Musicians can learn specific song choices prior to the event including music stings and queues for prize/award ceremonies
  • Bands, solo artists and DJs can all play on big stages in front of large crowds or in the intimate setting of a lounge bar
  • We can organise a Band-e-Oke – An event where everyone gets their moment to be the rock star and sing with a live, professional band!
  • We can organise musicians to perform different styles music (Brazilian, Blues, Pop, 80s Rock, Latino, Soul, Jazz etc) to be in keeping with your event theme

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