Bespoke Wedding Music with Après Ski Bands – Your Checklist For Creating The Soundtrack To Your Big Day

30th July 2020
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30th July 2020 Elz

Bespoke Wedding Music with Après Ski Bands – Your Checklist For Creating The Soundtrack To Your Big Day

Getting married in the France, wider Europe, the U.K. – or beyond? We’ve got the best wedding music waiting for you and your big day!

Looking for the best in live music, DJs and bands playing everything from a ceremony to a cocktail receptions to party music? Look no further. Here at Après Ski Bands, we can provide a personalised, bespoke music service to suit all of your requirements when planning your special occasion. We can even provide the PA, sound system and lighting.

The Musicians…

Our musicians are all hand picked to work with us at Après Ski Bands. Each artist has toured the Swiss – French Alps and beyond, knowing exactly what it takes to create the ultimate party on the ski slopes – hence our name! – as well as perform chilled out lounge sets in some of the most renowned hotels across the Swiss-French Alps and wider Europe. This suits them to each and every music requirement for weddings, birthday parties, corporate events or ambience creating mood that your special occasion requires. You don’t have to know or love skiing to love Après Ski Bands. You just have to know that you want the best music and live entertainment at your event.

What do I need to know as I book my wedding band, special occasion music or DJ for my event?

What’s your budget?

If you have a rough idea this is a great starting point. Any extras can be detailed from the start of our personal consultation.

When do you require music for your event?

The evening party only? A drinks reception? During a ceremony or dinner? After party DJ to keep you dancing into the early hours? Let us know what you’re considering and we can advise on all the possibilities within your budget. We may well give you some options to combine the talent so you can  keep within your budget. 

– Got a specific song request?

The musicians will learn a song should you have a special request for your event. Ensure that this is communicated at least two months before so that they have time to learn this. Some band members are dotted around the UK and wider Europe, so making time to practise requests as an ensemble can require some very specific planning and timing. Have a look through the example repertoires on the musicians’ pages or let us know a few options of what you would like to hear. We always encourage a few requests – but equally, trust the musicians to play the right song at the right time. These guys perform at well over 100 gigs in the winter season alone – so trust them! They know how to keep a crowd dancing, or equally, create the subtle background music that gives your event that special ambience!

Where will the musicians be performing?

Inside on a stage? Under a marquee (are there plugs available and within reach using a standard extension lead?) Outside with a generator powering the PA system so the sound can reach all of your guests? If there’s anything you’re unsure of, we can work directly with your venue to ensure the maximum impact is made from the performance areas available. It’s all part of our personalised service!

Musician arrival time Vs gig start time and everything in between

This is a key element when planning your event’s music. Working backwards – let’s say you want your party to start at 20h00. Load in, set up, sound check and time for the band to freshen up will all take a good couple of hours, even on a smooth run. So arrival time could be required for 17h30. Some venues we work with request a much earlier set up, for example, by midday for a 21h start time. So check with your venue for any specific requests they have with regards to load in and set up. Then we can ensure the musicians are available for an early arrival or can get to their accommodation the night before your event.

Ensure there is enough space for the musicians to park, unload and carry in all of the equipment to prep the stage – and themselves, in an area where they can change into their glad rags! You want them looking as great as they’ll sound, bien sûr!

Setting up the PA system, instruments, plugs, leads and all the necessary requirements will take a little while, but it’s totally worth it to get your guests up and dancing! Check if your venue has an alternative entrance so that guests or the catering team don’t collide with an entire drum kit being carried through dinner service! Each vendor has been hired to do their role to the best of their ability. Help them to give their best on the day!

Plan for a sound check on the day

A decent sound check will be required to set the sound levels and ensure each instrument is perfectly balanced in line with the number of guests and your venue’s acoustic requirements. So think about the timings for your day as there will be sound check noise for a short period of time – but it means the party’s well and truly starting and those memories are about to be made on the dance floor!

DJ Aliami - The wedding dj of your dreams?

Check out our musicians and DJs, based in the Swiss-French Alps, UK, Europe and beyond!

If you haven’t already, it’s time to get looking through the Après Ski Bands line up of musicians and DJs. Available for special occasion music, weddings, parties and corporate events.

For your initial consultation and personalised music planning session, please contact Ella – elz@apresskibands // +33 6 50 21 20 24



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