11th January 2018 Elz

Blazin’ Strings at Tsaretta Bar

The Blazin’ Strings were warmly welcomed at the Tsaretta Bar for Aprés Ski Bands’ Wednesday night music club.

Peacefully calm outside, once the doors were opened, the music flowed through a happy clientele of locals, enjoying their evenings away from the world of work.


An eagerly awaiting crowd didn’t take long to move into the dance floor area and celebrate all things rock as the excellent bar team kept the drinks flowing.

The guys clocked each other and knew exactly what was coming next. Big tunes, big sounds, big fun Wednesdays!


Ben, Toby & Troy read the crowd, worked their music magic and created an evening




See you at Tsaretta Bar for the next gig!

January’s gig dates for Wednesday Night Music Club

17.01.18 / 22:00 / Wingmen

24.01.18 / 22:00 / MAPS

31.01.18 / 22:00 / Blazin’ Strings