Can I see the artist’s set list?

Yes please ask as soon as you make an enquiry and we will send it to you.

Can I make song requests from the set list?

Of course you can! It’s your event but of course there are songs that fit better with others and in general it’s best to let the artist play the songs that the room feels it wants at the time. They are masters of reading the crowd, its they do.

Can I make a song request for a song not in the set list?

With enough notice (4 weeks) we usually include one song request in the performance price? In order to learn the song the artists will need studio time

What is the usual set length?

Most of our bookings and initial quotes if not otherwise stated are for 2×1 hour sets.

How do the bands fees work?

You are paying for years of rehearsals, experience, talent and charisma! You’re also paying for their time, time to wait around, time to travel, time to unload the van, time to set up and performance time and that will be multiplied by multiple people! Until we know more about your event and what you’re trying to achieve its difficult to outline ‘a one price fits all quote’

Please fill out our request form and we’ll take it from there (link to form)

Do I need to provide any equipment?

In most cases our bands travel with PA and sound equipment. Where air travel is required we may need to hire PA equipment locally. One of our services is to organise any sound equipment for you. In other words you do not need to ever worry about equipment hire!

Do we feed, water and house the musicians?

Generally food should be available if not we charge a 15€ ‘buy out’ per person on top of the fee. Many venues provide this at cost. The band will require at the very least access to drinking water although a couple of beers never go amiss! Regarding hotel accommodation this can be negotiated as part of the price (especially for late night gigs) or you can provide it. Whatever is easiest for you.

What about parking?

Please spare a thought about this when looking at the venue, they band will need to get their vehicle a close as possible to the performance area, their kit weighs a tonne (literally in some cases!) and requires several trips to their van.

What happens if the artist gets sick and can’t perform?

We cannot guarantee 100% that at the last minute sickness or similar event beyond our control means that the musicians you have booked become suddenly unavailable. Last year out of 2200 separate events this happened 3 times (0.13%). So it is very rare (One advantage of working with an agency is that in most cases (99.87%) even up to the last minute we will be able to provide a replacement that is every bit a good as the artist you have originally booked.

Can you hold the date? I’m not sure I want to confirm the booking right away?

Within reason, if we get a competing offer for the same date we will give you first refusal, but our acts are very busy people and are booked out most weeks of the year.

I have an event coming up very soon! Is it too last minute to book?

We regularly take bookings on the same day! Clearly it gives us all heart palpitations but it is possible.

If I don’t see what I like on your roster?

Get in touch anyway, our roster is constantly changing and we don’t always get the acts up there quick enough. We also work with other trusted agencies around Europe so we will be able to find a solution in most cases.