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DUO – Double bass & electro-acoustic guitar

Available with the addition of; Brass section (Trumpet, Trombone, Sax in any number), Strings and Fiddles, Drums and Percussion, Backing vocalists, ‘The Cowettes’ bring that Dream Girls thang!

For private bookings, please enquire at ‘Contact Us’


Oh my goodness! These guys are everything you need and want in entertainment! From upbeat, sing-a-long party hits, to chilled, lounge sets that’ll have you swaying in your seat, with your hands in the air like you just don’t care!

The Cash Cows know their music. And all music needs to be known by The Cash Cows. Unique twists on everything from Fleetwood Mac to Free, Adele to ACDC, S Club 7 to Bob Dylan (yes, we just put S Club 7 and Bob Dylan in the same sentence…). You’ll be singing along to favourite songs, marvelling at the way these guys weave their magic to make every tune a belter with their upbeat, happy, dancing music in a skiffle, rockabilly, jazz style.

Want The Cash Cows as a duo? You’ve got it. Fancy a belter of a band, expanding from a trio to a septet with the addition of drums, fiddle or horns to turn your event up to eleven? Look no further. Great guys, great humour, great times and fantastic music. Just book The Cash Cows and your event will be complete.


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