1st March 2020 Elz

The Trends are back to gig, party and conquer!

Trend: noun – a general direction in which something is developing / changing or in the way that people are behaving.

We’re here to tell you – right here, right now – with The Trends in your life, your après is guaranteed to take one specific direction – onwards and upwards! I mean, your behaviour may go a little downhill, but that’ll only be due to the amount of FUN you’re having!!! This is a band who who couldn’t wait to get back out to the Alps for tour part deux because they know exactly what this snowy playground has to offer. Last season saw them grab every opportunity to make a name for themselves in these here mountains. They gigged, they partied – they conquered! And with their greatness proceeding them, each and every venue we pitched them to said a very firm YES to booking them in this season. Why? Because The Trends own the essence of what it is that makes a great party band. You’ve got a solid and particularly ace rhythm section from Phil. There’s Tom’s working between the bass and keys to give that extra magical oomph to each track. Alex’s ridiculously expert guitar skills run through each song, smashing the solo every time. (We miss you Gareth! But thanks for the lend, UpTones..!) And then – Christina. Wow! Christina. She runs the show, belting out a track one minute, bringing light and shade to the next, keeping the pace and energy alive. She’ll sing, making you feel like each gig is being performed especially for you. She’ll even give a shout out to the drink specials on the bar and encourage geneppi shots to be sunk in the true feeling of an alpine après! And all of that with some crazy beautiful sax solos thrown in! Ye gods – what woman! ‘She gods’, if you will! And indeed, Cristina is.

These are very exciting times indeed. March madness is about to hit resorts, with festivals galore and even more fun times ahead on and off the slopes. It’s all pretty mega, really! So what better way to celebrate than to throw The Trends into the mix?! Santé, party people!

Check out where you’ll be Trending this March & April…

Venue Resort Day / Jour Date Time
Cocorico Tignes Dimanche 01-Mar 16:00
La Taïga La Tania Dimanche 01-Mar 22:00
Rond Point Méribel Lundi 02-Mar 16:00-17:30
Scotty’s La Plagne Mardi 03-Mar 22:30
Cocorico Tignes Mercredi 04-Mar 16:00
Cocorico Val D’Isére Jeudi 05-Mar 16:00
Funky Fox Courchevel 1650 Jeudi 05-Mar 23:00
Cocorico Val D’Isére Vendredi 06-Mar 16:00
Cocorico Val D’Isére Samedi 07-Mar 16:00
Cocorico Tignes Lundi 09-Mar 16:00
Ski Lodge La Tania Mardi 10-Mar 22:00
Smithy’s Les Deux Alpes Mercredi 11-Mar 22:30
Cocorico Tignes Jeudi 12-Mar 16:00
Cocorico Val D’Isére  Samedi 14-Mar 16:00
La Terrasse Chamonix Samedi 14-Mar 22:00
Scotty’s La Plagne Mardi 17-Mar 22:30
Scotty’s La Plagne Mercredi 18-Mar 17:00
Doron Méribel Mercredi 18-Mar 23:00
Cocorico Tignes Jeudi 19-Mar 16:00
Cocorico Tignes Vendredi 20-Mar 16:00
Tsaretta Les Allues Vendredi 20-Mar 22:30
Cocorico Val D’Isére Samedi 21-Mar 16:00
Funky Fox Courchevel 1650 Dimanche 22-Mar 23:00
Le Rastro Mottaret Mardi 24-Mar 16:00
Ski Lodge La Tania Mardi 24-Mar 22:00
Scotty’s La Plagne Mercredi 25-Mar 17:00
Comptoir La Rosière  Mercredi 25-Mar 22:30
Smithy’s Alpe D’Huez Jeudi 26-Mar 22:30
Cocorico Val D’Isére Vendredi 27-Mar 16:00
Cocorico Val D’Isére Samedi 28-Mar 16:00
Elephant Le Praz Mardi 31-Mar 22:30
Smithys Les Deux Alpes Mercredi 01-Apr 22:30
Cocorico Val D’Isére Jeudi 02-Apr 16:00
Funky Fox Courchevel 1650 Jeudi 02-Apr 23:00
Le Rastro Mottaret  Mardi 07-Apr 16:00
Ski Lodge La Tania Mardi 07-Apr 22:00
Scotty’s La Plagne Mercredi 08-Apr 17:00
Cocorico Tignes  Jeudi 09-Apr 16:00
Frog & Roast Beef Val Thorens Jeudi 09-Apr 23:00
Cocorico Tignes Vendredi 10-Apr 16:00
Tsaretta Les Allues Vendredi 10-Apr 22:30

*Gigs may be subject to change! Please check with the venue before planning to party!

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