A Play List To Inspire Your Wedding Party Dance Floor Fillers!

23rd April 2021
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23rd April 2021 Elz

A Play List To Inspire Your Wedding Party Dance Floor Fillers!

We've Got The Perfect Play List To Create Those Dance Floor Memories!

Wedding party music

We’ve spoken to the experts and the Wedding party music playlist is in!

The Après Ski Bands musicians and DJs have got you covered for those all important dance floor fillers!

Whenever we get an email from a wedding client in search of their perfect wedding party band, the same request comes up time and time again; “We just want a band who will get everyone on their feet and keep our guests dancing all night!” (Which is easy because every musician & DJ we have the pleasure of working with knows exactly how to do that!)

Wedding party music - dance floor memoires

From the first dance to the end-of-the-night show stopping tune! The Après Ski Bands musicians and DJs know how to keep that dance floor filled!

We asked all of our musicians and DJs which tracks flood the dance floor with guests who are ready to party! And this Après Ski Bands YouTube play list is an absolute belter!

At Après Ski Bands, our motto – and true belief – is that ‘Memories are made on the dance floor!’ A wedding is not only a celebration of two people coming together and sharing one of their most significant moments with their friends and family. It’s a celebration of the best things in life – and music is indeed one of those things!

The significance of a song

When you hear the first few notes of just one significant song, you’re immediately transported back. Where you were. Who you were with. What you were doing..! From holiday memories of DJ sets on the beach at sunset, to snow covered, mountain side après ski parties. From arms around your best buddy, singing every single word of your festival song, to a flashback of school days and those first nights out, dancing with your mates. When that song’s played at your wedding, all you need to do is look at that key person you’re on the dance floor with; in a heartbeat, you’re transported back!

Wedding Party Music - That all important First Dance

Wedding Party Music – That all important First Dance

A song will evoke all of those memories and more. And just look how music’s getting us through over a year’s worth of lockdowns and Zoom parties! Dancing and singing along to those carefully selected songs is just as essential as witnessing the words, ‘I do’!

The wedding party is when the guests become the starts of your show. So give them the time of their life and your party will be the one everyone’s talking about for years to come!

Wedding party music

Wedding party music – where your guests create their dance floor memories

From your first dance to the floor filling wedding party music!

If you’re looking for Bands and DJs to perform your first dance and wedding music, then get in touch! We have the most experienced, professional and fun loving musicians, wedding bands and DJs. Based throughout the UK and Europe, they’re ready to perform at your special event in the UK, Europe, Switzerland and beyond.

Like and subscribe to our Après Ski Bands YouTube channel today! And enjoy the playlist…

Who are we and how can we work with you to plan your wedding music?

Après Ski Bands - wedding and corporate bands

Counterflow performing at Cocorico Val d’Isére. An Après Ski Bands client venue.

We are Après Ski Bands – a team of real life human beings, based in the French Alps – with over 55 years of combined experience in the events industry! We have both UK & French registered businesses. We’re not just a computer generated service who leave anything to chance. In fact, we offer a personalised, bespoke service, taking care of every logistic and will communicate and collaborate with you and your chosen artists, every step of the way. We know all of our musicians and DJs personally. We’ll work work with you, your venue manager or your wedding planner. We’ll organise whatever is required from the first enquiry to final sign off, just before the big day itself.

Contact us: info@apresskibands.com

One of our team will respond to you within 24hours. We believe that memories are made on the dance floor. So let’s start planning and creating the soundtrack to your big day!

The Wedding Party - the moment when the guests can also be the stars of the show and make their memories on the dance floor!

The Wedding Party – the moment when the guests can also be the stars of the show and make their memories on the dance floor!