In times of adversity, talent will always shine through.

20th March 2020
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20th March 2020 Elz

In times of adversity, talent will always shine through.

Soooooo, here we all are! On lock down in the French Alps, our beautiful winter ski season now very much behind us. And it was going pretty darn well until Saturday’s resort closures hit our region – and so many of us personally.

Restaurants, bars and music venues were directed to close, gigs were cancelled, artists had to leave resort – some without being able to say a proper goodbye to friends and members of their musical family. It was – and remains – a tough and uncertain time for everyone.

However, all is not as quiet on the après front as you may have initially thought… During times like these, the determination and splendour of creative, talented minds will always shine through. Plus, those born to perform will always find a way of doing so. It’s in their genetic make-up. Not even one week into lockdown and many musicians are still performing – just as they intended to each après! Only this time, its from the comfort and confinement of their own home. With the internet and therefore, the wider world at our fingertips, connection, performance and self development is at the forefront of daily life, more than ever!

So here’s a current line up of entertainment for you to enjoy! We’ll be adding to it as events occur but for now here’s a What’s On Guide to what we are affectionately calling

The Lockdown Sessions 

and it’s all just a few clicks away…

Were you an avid follower of the marvellous Mardy Johnny Depps this winter? Still need your regular hit of this delectable duo? Catch their home-based gigs, with a Jack’s après too! Past and present performances from their abode in the Alps. Just click here and follow the link!


How about The Wingmen? Did you après like it was 1999 each week with this fab four? See their live Jack’s après at 18h on Friday 20th March 2020. We have a feeling this won’t be their last gig of the quarantine season!


Did Sian Hayley Smith‘s musical presence of voice, guitar and loop peddle grace you during your winter break? Click here to enjoy Sian’s recent live video with both original and cover music! Her Jack’s après on Saturday 21st March is not to be missed!


If you loved the gypsy jazz, blues and plentiful plethora of styles Chris Quinn brought to your aprés or evening gig this season, you now have the opportunity to have FREE online guitar lessons with the man himself. Just follow this link!


Ready to rave in your own front room? Then get some of this in your life – Grant from Bubble+Crisp is creating a Deep House track-a-day on his Jamsolation SoundCloud page


Winter touring artist, Steph Willis is performing for us, live from her home. Catch her first gig on Friday 20th March – but this defiantly won’t be her last! Enjoy Steph Willis live, via this link.


Itialian-Brazilian legend, Fernando from Les Lunettes is performing in and sharing a “We Everybody” live Instagram Brazil festival, starting Saturday 21st March. Featuring Méribel legends and original music maestros,  Al Jones & Gallie.


In the zone for some funky fresh beats? Aliami Radio from our very own Ali Wright (Tchaï & Ali and The Al Jones Band) will keep you in a funky podcast zone from morning til night. And there are plenty of episodes to catch up on! Turn on, tune in and channel Bootsy Collins.


We’re living through this for the wellness of our loved ones, for the wellness of our neighbours – far and wide, known and unknown to us. We have to be thankful to the human spirit, for the amazing support that is shown and shared in such difficult and bizarre times. But we must be optimistic. We must be half full. Find whatever positives you can. Because, if you don’t, as my dear old, UK-based, self quarantined dad would say, “You might as well go and eat worms.”

Don’t eat worms. Eat up and live the creative opportunities that are there for the taking. There are some musical silver linings that deserve to be noticed and heard.

“It’s times like these you learn to live again
It’s times like these you give and give again
It’s times like these you learn to love again
It’s times like these time and time again”

Dave Grohl