26th February 2020 Elz


So?! Are you ready? Are you ready to sing, dance, laugh and be entertained by a duo that’ll take you to music heaven and back with versions of songs that leave you singing along, dancing along and laughing along with them and their fantastic sense of humour? Then you need The Cash Cows in your life.

Robbie & Brendan have been gigging their best in wedding party, hotel lounge and bars for the past 16 years. 16!!!

I first saw them in a swanky London bar, waaaaay back in the summer of 2019. Having witnessed the variety of international clientele who were mesmerised by these guys and their delivery of the most eclectic set list, I immediately knew that  The Cash Cows were Alps-ready. Throw in several months on deciding ideal dates, promoting their magic, becoming a father (congrats again, Robbie!) booking in gigs with our lovely venues, deciding which car to drive to France, finding a different car to drive to France on the morning they were due to drive to France and voilà! A tour was born. (It was all quite simple, really!) And boy, have they started as they mean to go on! Not only have they already smashed the hotel and après bar scene with rave reviews, The Cash Cows’ last minute step in for an ill Fernando Fher Costa saw them unite with Les luscious Lunettes at the infamous Cocorico in Val d’Isére – and according to their live Instagram story that day, the gig went off! Check it out for yourselves…


So, get yourselves down to a gig ASAP while the guys are still in the Alps. And do say “Hi” to The Cash Cows as they’re very lovely indeed. And get a badge. And sing, and dance and moooooooooooooove (sorry, couldn’t resist) to one of the most fun and talented duos you could wish to meet.  It just might be one of the best things you do this winter.



Check out The Cash Cows in a resort near you!

Allodis Meribel Wednesday / Mercredi 26-Feb Eve 19:30
Marmot Arms Tignes Thursday / Jeudi 27-Feb Apres 16:30
Hotel Diva – Tom Crean’s Tignes Thursday / Jeudi 27-Feb Eve 21:00
La Mine La Plagne Friday / Vendredi 28-Feb Apres 17:00
Hotel Le Strato Courchevel 1850 Saturday / Samedi 29-Feb Apres 19:00
Fahrenheit 7 Courchevel 1650 Sunday / Dimanche 01-Mar Apres 16:00
Araucaria La Plagne Tuesday / Mardi 03-Mar Apres 18:00
Pourquoi Pas Bar St Martin de Belleville Thursday / Jeudi 05-Mar Apres 18:30 to 20:30
Cocorico Tignes Friday / Vendredi 06-Mar Apres 16:00
La Mine La Plagne Friday / Vendredi 06-Mar Eve 22:30
Le Lodge, Meribel Village Meribel Saturday / Samedi 07-Mar Apres 16:00

(Subject to potential last minute change! Check out the venue FB page for gig confirmation)


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