Party tonight at The Snow Centre, Hemel Hempstead with Tenacious Ski in The Lodge bar & restaurant !


There’s a chill in the air and après ski party excitement in our hearts as The Snow Centre, Hemel Hempstead, welcomes Après Ski Bands‘ very own Tenacious Ski to The Lodge bar and restaurant! Today, Saturday 29th September 2018, sees The Lodge’s launch party kick off the season of cool in style as boarders, skiers, drinkers and diners get partying to all the musical excellence you’d expect from these rock gods.

The Snow Centre, located just off junction 20 of the M25, boasts numerous awards, including the BASI Centre of Excellence and has the biggest  teaching slope in the UK. They also build the biggest freestyle features in the UK, drawing top ski and snowboard enthusiasts from across the country! Skiing, snowboarding or sledging – there’s something for everyone at The Snow Centre.
Their 150 seat bar and restaurant, The Lodge, offers fantastic views across the superb slopes where observers can watch their friends and families – or just take in the inspiring winter sport skills of clients and instructors whilst enjoying a meal and a much welcomed hot drink.


Jimmy and the guys of Tenacious Ski will be enjoying the amazing ski facilities The Snow Centre has to offer before turing the party vibe up to eleven and taking The Lodge to après ski heaven! Gig starts at 7:45pm – don’t miss it!





Look our for our monthly Après Ski Bands gigs at The Lodge throughout the ’18-’19 autumn and winter seasons, including Andy Huntley on 6th October, Paddy James on 10th November, Counterflow on 1st December, Signals on 12th January and UpTones on 2nd February!


It’s time to #SkiAndParty!


Après Ski Bands and French Wedding Style – a force majeure for destination weddings!

Wedding season is now in full flow and as couples tie the knot, get hitched, say “I do” and make their own significant life and love dedication to one another, Après Ski Bands is proud to offer the best quality music for these very special occasions.

Once again, we’ve teamed up with the site French Wedding Style to be their recommended wedding music provider and event coordinator. French Wedding Style is a site dedicated to providing a premium resource to help couples plan their weddings in France and share inspiration for French Weddings worldwide. Check out their recent online interview with us as we presented the excellence Après Ski Bands has to offer when it comes to wedding music!

Introducing French Wedding Entertainers – Après Ski Bands

More and more couples are choosing to have destination weddings and France is now one of the top places in the world to celebrate a wedding. Not only are the cuisine and drink so divine, but whether couples are looking for a château, gîte, farm house or alpine chalet, the stunning surroundings make France an ideal location to celebrate one of the most significant occasions in a couple’s life together… and the memories will last forever in the stunning photography opportunities these visually unique areas have to offer!

There are always so many classic moments to look forward to during these celebrations of love but we all know that the most acclaimed moment – for everyone attending that celebration is when the band starts to play, the DJ drops that beat and the party well and truly begins! Memories are made on the dance floor and Après Ski Bands will continue to create these memories for years to come. Our UK, Ireland and France-based musicians and DJs are magnificently professional and expert in what they do and so they become the exceptional soundtrack to that exceptional day and night. They know their craft and since every après ski gig could well and truly be a wedding party set, they’ve had hours, days, weeks, months – whole winter seasons! – of experience at making your wedding party the party of your life!

To book your wedding musicians, DJs or Silent Disco – so that you can party on late into the night on your special occasion – meet our musicians on our site and then email for questions and quotes for how to make this musical vision an audible reality!


#What’sNew..? The Hudson Dukes are in town!

James Hudson and Nick Waldock are The Hudson Dukes – a duo whom we welcome to the alps for the first time with open arms – and jazz hands!

They’re a versatile pair and have an extensive repertoire including; jazz, swing, rock ‘n’ roll, soul, blues and even their own vintage arrangement of up to date songs.

Professional doesn’t even begin to describe it for these musicians! They have performed at top UK venues including Ronnie Scotts, Grosvenor House, The Royal Albert Hall, Guildhall and a little place you may have heard of called ‘Buckingham Palace’..?! Internationally; Germany, Scandinavia and China have all been stamped in their musical passports. And now they can proudly add The French Alps to that collection too!

Visit The Hudson Dukes’ page directly for more information.

You can see this delightful duo at the following venues throughout the next couple of weeks in March 2018 – check out the Facebook pages to see more details.

Hotel Kaila / Méribel / Thursday 1st March

Le Yule / Val D’Isère / Friday 2nd March

Rockypop / Chamonix / Saturday 3rd March

Hotel Kaila / Méribel / Sunday 4th March

La Chaudanne Hotel / Méribel / Tuesday 6th March

Hotel Tignes 2100 / Tignes / Wednesday 7th March

Le Yule / Val D’Isère / Thursday 8th March

Hotel Kaila / Méribel / Friday 9th March

Brasserie du Ceutron / Aimen / Saturday 10th March

Here’s the group as a four-piece, just to whet your appetite as to what The Hudson Dukes are capable of when in full four-piece swing!



#What’sNew… A mountainous welcome to Andy Quick!

Andy Quick describes himself as “A soul punch of indie rock n roll n electro blues”… and we’d strongly agree.
With an eclectic mix of all these genres, this man’s voice will rock you until you ache from dancing at his gigs – as well as rock you to sleep with his more mellow grooves.
Andy’s debut album ‘The Way Things Are’ is OUT NOW to stream, download and own forever on CD and you can check out all of Andy’s original music on his website,
The Andy Quick Band & Andy Quick’s Flying Orchestra can be found, followed and thoroughly enjoyed on all good social media outlets as well as live gigs – but he’s in the Alps for a month long 2018 solo tour from today! You’ll want to see him, you’ll want to hear him – you’ll want to have a pint with him and tell him how much you like him and his music .
You can see Andy at all of these following venues throughout February and into March… Go on – Quick, now!

Meribar / Méribel / Monday 5th Feb / 16:30

Ti Bar / Tignes / Monday 5th Feb / 21:30

Marmot Arms / Tignes / Tuesday 6th Feb / 16:30

La Mine / La Plagne / Tuesday 6th Feb / 22:30

Hyatt / La Rosiere / Wednesday 7th Feb / 18:00 – 22:30

Tom Crean’s Pub / Tignes / Thursday 8 Feb / 21:30

Clubhouse / Geneva / Friday 9th Feb / 22:30

Jack’s Bar / Méribel / Monday 12th Feb / 17:00

Portetta / Courchevel 1650 / Tuesday 13 Feb / 16:00

La Chaudanne Hotel / Méribel / Tuesday 13th Feb / 19:00

Tom Crean’s Pub / Tignes / Thursday 15th Feb / 21:30

Yule / Val D’Isère / Friday 16th Feb / Aprés & Evening

Rockypop / Chamonix / Saturday 17th Feb / 19:00-22:00

La Mine / La Plagne / Monday 19th Feb / 17:00

Ti Bar / Tignes / Monday 19th Feb / 21:30

Marmot Arms / Tignes / Tuesday 20th Feb / 16:30

Jack’s Bar / Méribel / Monday 26th Feb / 17:00

Rastro / Mottaret / Tuesday 27th Feb / 16:00

La Mine / La Plagne / Tuesday 27th Feb / 22:30

Boomerang / Les Gets / Wednesday 28th Feb / Aprés & Evening

#What’sNew? Welcome to the mountains, Signals

Aprés Ski Bands gives a warm welcome to Ellie, Mikey, Ryan & Tom – Signals! Expect lots of harmonies, shouty bits, pedal board antics and time travel from this female fronted math pop four piece.

Watching them perform is like witnessing a colourful window display of uniquely styled mannequins suddenly come to life and take you on a journey through their music. They’ll draw you in with their perfect harmonies, intriguing changes in key and time-signature as well as Ellie’s beautiful, lyrical story-telling. Watch the link below to their video ‘Paraesthesia’ – all will become clear.

Their influences include; Indian Lakes, Daughter, Tangled Hair, Everything Everything, This Town Needs Guns, Bon Iver, Thrice, Colour, Local Natives, Tall Ships, Manchester Orchestra, Dog Is Dead and Tubelord to name but a few.

Their four releases can also be found on the Signals Bandcamp Page – ‘Square Wheels EP’, ‘Facial Furniture EP’, ‘Sleep Talk EP’ and ‘Lungs Apart single’.

They’ll be performing a mixture of covers and original music (yessssssss!) across the Alps until the end of February 2018. Make a point of seeking them out and becoming a fan. I know I have.

Moris Pub / Val D’Isère / Monday 29th January / 23:00

Cocorico / Val D’Isère / Tuesday 30th January / 16:00

Office de Tourisme / Brides Les Bains / Wednesday 31st January / 17:00-18:30

Smithy’s / Les Deux Alpes / Wednesday 31st January / 23:00

Smithy’s / Alpe D’Huez / Thursday 1st February / 23:00

L’Eléphant / Le Praz / Friday 2nd February / 22:30

La Mine / La Plagne / Sunday 4th February / 22:30

Cocorico / Val D’Isère / Wednesday 7th February /16:00

Doron Pub / Meribel  /Wednesday 7th February / 23:00

Funky Fox / Courchevel 1650 / Thursday 8th February /23:00

Happy Hours Bar / Ardent / Sunday 11th February /15:00

Cavern / Morzine / Sunday 11th February / 23:00

Moris Pub / Val D’Isère / Monday 12th February / 22:00

Frog & Roast Beef / Val Thorens / Tuesday 13th February / 22:30

Le Comptoir / La Rosiere / Wednesday / 14th February / 22:30

Cocorico / Val D’Isère / Thursday 15th February / 16:00

La Mine / La Plagne / Thursday 15th February / 22:30

La Mine / La Plagne / Sunday 18th February / 22:30

Ski Lodge / La Tania / Wednesday 21st February / 17:00

Doron Pub / Meribel / Wednesday 21st February / 23:00

Cocorico / Val D’Isère / Thursday 22nd February / 16:00

Funky Fox / Courchevel 1650 / Thursday 22nd February / 23:00

La Mine / La Plagne / Sunday 25th February / 22:30

Cocorico / Val D’Isère / Wednesday 28th February / 16:00

Le Comptoir / La Rosiere / Wednesday 28th February / 22:30


#Spotlight On… The Mardy Johnny Depps

The Mardy Johnny Depps – Mark and Amy – Mr & Mrs Stoneman. Hear them once. Love them forever. You name the venue / setting / feel of the evening and they’ll deliver exactly what you need – and then some. Mark’s on vocals, acoustic guitar, ukulele and stomp box and Amy’s on vocals, lead tambourine, melodica, ukulele and bass. And there’s the occasional kazoo solo too when the mood takes…

They’re an acoustic pop & rock covers duo from t’North. Cleethorps in Grimsby to be exact – an epicentre of musical talent that the Alps are privileged to witness. The MJDs have been performing together in the UK and Europe since 2010. This versatile duo, with fantastic vocal harmonies, can provide a whole host of venues with anything from a chilled set to an all-out party. They rarely play the same set twice, putting their own stamp on songs from Nirvana to Nina Simone, the Foo Fighters to The Bee Gees. Their influences and inspirations include; Mumford & Sons, Fleetwood Mac, The Civil Wars, The Beautiful South and Bruce Springsteen, to name just a few. They promise to offer an energetic, foot-stomping time and eclectic acoustic covers are their bag.

I saw this fabulous duo performing at my first ever Méribel gig in my first season – they practically took the roof off Evolution‘s opening night – along with their ‘partners in Grim-sby’, The Wingmen (more on these lovely fellas soon!) The mighty collective I was witnessing was MAPS and in one beautiful, pitch perfect, harmonious opening chord, I realised why I was in the Alps, doing the job I was doing. I remember saying to my boss, “This is why we do all this, isn’t it?! For this moment – when it all comes together!” He knowingly smiled and nodded.

You can continue to witness the magical, musical collective, MAPS, every Wednesday at Jack’s Bar‘s extended aprés.

And you can witness the joy that is Mark and Amy – The Mardy Johnny Depps – at the following gigs throughout the next few weeks.

Go. Just go. And all of a sudden, life will make a lot of sense.

(Just make sure you check out the Facebook pages on the venues for any last minute changes due to nonsensical, crazy snowfall!)

Evolution /Méribel / Monday 29th January / 22:00

Loop Bar / Tignes / Tuesday 30th January / 16:00

Jack’s Bar / Méribel / Wednesday 31st January /17:00 – MAPS!

Lodge du Village / Méribel / Friday 2nd February / 16:00

Scott’s Bar / Méribel / Friday 2nd February / 22:00 – Open Mic Night

Kaila Hotel  / Méribel / Saturday 3rd February / 19:00-20:45 & 22:00-00:00

Evolution / Méribel / Monday 05th February / 22:00

Loop Bar / Tignes / Tuesday 6th February / 16:45

Diva / Tignes / Tuesday 6th February / 20:30

Jack’s Bar / Méribel / Wednesday 7th February / 17:00 – MAPS!

Scotty’s / La Plagne / Thursday 8th February /17:00

Lodge du Village / Méribel / Friday 9th February /16:00

Scott’s Bar / Méribel / Friday 9th February / 22:00 – Open Mic Night

Evolution / Méribel / Monday 12th February / 22:00

Loop Bar / Tignes / Tuesday 13th February / 16:45

Jack’s Bar / Méribel / Wednesday 14th February / 17:00 – MAPS!

Tsaretta / Méribel / Wednesday 14th February / 22:00

Mojo Bar / Peissy / Thursday 15th February / 17:00

Lodge du Village / Méribel / Friday 16th February / 16:00

Scott’s Bar / Méribel / Friday 16th February / 22:00 – Open Mic Night

The Brewer’s Den / Méribel / Sunday 18th February / 22:00



#Spotlight On… Conor Owen

Conor Owen is a solo artist with more than 4 seasons experience of playing the music scene in the French Alps. Inspired by some of the very best folk and singer songwriters of recent times – John Martyn, Dick Gaughan, James Taylor, The Staves and Foy Vance – Conor writes, records and tours around the U.K. and Europe throughout the rest of the year, crafting his own style of travelling folk music. His original work is written and produced under the title Ren, giving us his own brand of contemporary alternative folk. His yearning for exploration has led to years of travelling and living out of his beloved yellow van, Penelope Sunshine. ‘Ren and Pen’ have spent significant amounts of time living in France, Ireland and Holland and a lot of Conor’s early offerings reflect on these adventures.

Conor Owen can turn his vocals to suit any occasion – be it sophisticated 5* hotel lounges or raucous aprés ski bars! This guy will charm you with his mere presence and win your hearts with his warm smile, lovable personality and cheeky nature. And that’s even before he starts to play his guitar and serenade you! Treat yourself to one of the following Conor Owen gigs coming up over the next few weeks. We promise you’ll love every moment…

Le Strato / Courchevel 1850 / Tuesday 23rd January / 19:00

Yule / Val D’Isère / Wednesday 24th January / 18:30

Scottys / La Plagne / Thursday 25th January / 17:00

Flow Bar / Les Arcs / Thursday 25th January / 22:00

Portetta / Courchevel 1650 / Tuesday 30th January / 16:00

La Chaudanne Hotel / Méribel / Tuesday 30th January / 19:00

Aquamotion / Courchevel 1550 / Thursday 1st February / 20:30

Kaila Hotel / Méribel / Friday 2nd February / 19:00-20:45 & 22:00 – 00:00

Rastro / Mottaret / Tuesday 6th February / 16:00

Araucaria / La Plagne / Thursday 8th February /18:00

Jekyll / Chamonix / Saturday 10th February / 21:30

Kaila Hotel / Méribel / Sunday 11th February / 19:00-20:45 & 22:00 – 00:00

Meribar / Méribel / Monday 12th February / 16:30

Ti Bar / Tignes / Monday 12th February / 21:30

Diva Hotel / Tignes / Tuesday 13th February / 20:30

Hotel Tignes 2100 / Tignes / Wednesday 21st February / 20:00

Scottys / La Plagne / Thursday 22nd February / 17:00


Bloc Off The Wall return to the Alps for their ’17-’18 winter tour

Bloc Off The Wall [BOTW] are a high-octane, pop/rock party band from the UK, fronted by the supremely talented singer-songwriter and finalist in the BBC’s The Voice UK, Adam Isaac. This season they’re back for the first part of their ’17-’18 winter tour! Their edgy twists on modern pop/rock covers, in addition to their vast experience in front of huge crowds as well as collaborating with big names such as Tom Jones, Ash and Joss Stone, guarantee the very best in premium live entertainment!

BOTW are well versed at how to make a BIG night even BIGGER! The band are no strangers to the Alps, having several winter seasons under their belts already and having played at some of the best parties the French & Swiss Resorts have to offer.  

DO NOT MISS THESE GUYS! They definitely know what they’re doing. And you’re going to love it!


La Mine / La Plagne / Sunday 14th January / 22:30

Chalet du Thorens / Val Thorens / Tuesday 16th January / 19:30 – 20:30

Cocorico / Val D’Isère / Wednesday 17th January / 16:00

Le Comptoir / La Rosiere / Wednesday 17th January / 22:30

Moris Pub / Val D’Isère / Thursday 18th January / 22:00

Cocorico/ Val D’Isère / Friday 19th January / 16:00

La Mine / La Plagne / Sunday 21st January / 22:30

La Marmotte D’Or / Montriond / Tuesday 23rd January / 20:30

Smithy’s / Les Deux Alpes / Wednesday 24th January / 23:00

Cocorico / Val D’Isère / Thursday 25th January / 16:00

La Mine / La Plagne / Sunday 28th January / 22:30

#Spotlight On… Sian Hayley Smith

Sian Hayley Smith is one of the finest vocalist-guitar players on the music scene today. Our beautiful artist uses her loop pedal to create tracks live; layering up the guitar, vocals and percussion to create a bigger sound than you’d ever expect from a soloist. Every performance is created live, therefore every performance is unique.


Our enchanting young Irish lass charms and engages her audience and delivers a pitch perfect performance every time. The power behind that sweet, soulful voice will give you goose-bumps. 

Sian Hayley Smith is a must-see artist of an aprés, of an evening, of a wedding, of a party… of an… anything, really. She has an impressive and diverse repertoire – from soulful chilled out sets to foot-stomping classics that get the place pumping.

Here’s a weekly line up where you can definitely catch Sian. Make sure you do. It’ll be a gig to remember.

Tuesday / Lodge du Village / Méribel Village / Aprés

Tuesday / Scott’s Bar & Restaurant / Méribel / Evening

Thursday / Café Del Mott / Mottaret / Lunch

Friday / Couloir / Tignes / Aprés

Sian can also be regularly seen performing at Le Kaila Hotel Méribel, Scotty’s La Plagne, Le Yule Val D’Isère, La Chaudanne Hotel Méribel.

Keep an eye on their Facebook pages for all up to date gig info.

Blazin’ Strings at Tsaretta Bar

The Blazin’ Strings were warmly welcomed at the Tsaretta Bar for Aprés Ski Bands’ Wednesday night music club.

Peacefully calm outside, once the doors were opened, the music flowed through a happy clientele of locals, enjoying their evenings away from the world of work.


An eagerly awaiting crowd didn’t take long to move into the dance floor area and celebrate all things rock as the excellent bar team kept the drinks flowing.

The guys clocked each other and knew exactly what was coming next. Big tunes, big sounds, big fun Wednesdays!


Ben, Toby & Troy read the crowd, worked their music magic and created an evening




See you at Tsaretta Bar for the next gig!

January’s gig dates for Wednesday Night Music Club

17.01.18 / 22:00 / Wingmen

24.01.18 / 22:00 / MAPS

31.01.18 / 22:00 / Blazin’ Strings