#Spotlight On… Conor Owen

Conor Owen is a solo artist with more than 4 seasons experience of playing the music scene in the French Alps. Inspired by some of the very best folk and singer songwriters of recent times – John Martyn, Dick Gaughan, James Taylor, The Staves and Foy Vance – Conor writes, records and tours around the U.K. and Europe throughout the rest of the year, crafting his own style of travelling folk music. His original work is written and produced under the title Ren, giving us his own brand of contemporary alternative folk. His yearning for exploration has led to years of travelling and living out of his beloved yellow van, Penelope Sunshine. ‘Ren and Pen’ have spent significant amounts of time living in France, Ireland and Holland and a lot of Conor’s early offerings reflect on these adventures.

Conor Owen can turn his vocals to suit any occasion – be it sophisticated 5* hotel lounges or raucous aprés ski bars! This guy will charm you with his mere presence and win your hearts with his warm smile, lovable personality and cheeky nature. And that’s even before he starts to play his guitar and serenade you! Treat yourself to one of the following Conor Owen gigs coming up over the next few weeks. We promise you’ll love every moment…

Le Strato / Courchevel 1850 / Tuesday 23rd January / 19:00

Yule / Val D’Isère / Wednesday 24th January / 18:30

Scottys / La Plagne / Thursday 25th January / 17:00

Flow Bar / Les Arcs / Thursday 25th January / 22:00

Portetta / Courchevel 1650 / Tuesday 30th January / 16:00

La Chaudanne Hotel / Méribel / Tuesday 30th January / 19:00

Aquamotion / Courchevel 1550 / Thursday 1st February / 20:30

Kaila Hotel / Méribel / Friday 2nd February / 19:00-20:45 & 22:00 – 00:00

Rastro / Mottaret / Tuesday 6th February / 16:00

Araucaria / La Plagne / Thursday 8th February /18:00

Jekyll / Chamonix / Saturday 10th February / 21:30

Kaila Hotel / Méribel / Sunday 11th February / 19:00-20:45 & 22:00 – 00:00

Meribar / Méribel / Monday 12th February / 16:30

Ti Bar / Tignes / Monday 12th February / 21:30

Diva Hotel / Tignes / Tuesday 13th February / 20:30

Hotel Tignes 2100 / Tignes / Wednesday 21st February / 20:00

Scottys / La Plagne / Thursday 22nd February / 17:00


Bloc Off The Wall return to the Alps for their ’17-’18 winter tour

Bloc Off The Wall [BOTW] are a high-octane, pop/rock party band from the UK, fronted by the supremely talented singer-songwriter and finalist in the BBC’s The Voice UK, Adam Isaac. This season they’re back for the first part of their ’17-’18 winter tour! Their edgy twists on modern pop/rock covers, in addition to their vast experience in front of huge crowds as well as collaborating with big names such as Tom Jones, Ash and Joss Stone, guarantee the very best in premium live entertainment!

BOTW are well versed at how to make a BIG night even BIGGER! The band are no strangers to the Alps, having several winter seasons under their belts already and having played at some of the best parties the French & Swiss Resorts have to offer.  

DO NOT MISS THESE GUYS! They definitely know what they’re doing. And you’re going to love it!


La Mine / La Plagne / Sunday 14th January / 22:30

Chalet du Thorens / Val Thorens / Tuesday 16th January / 19:30 – 20:30

Cocorico / Val D’Isère / Wednesday 17th January / 16:00

Le Comptoir / La Rosiere / Wednesday 17th January / 22:30

Moris Pub / Val D’Isère / Thursday 18th January / 22:00

Cocorico/ Val D’Isère / Friday 19th January / 16:00

La Mine / La Plagne / Sunday 21st January / 22:30

La Marmotte D’Or / Montriond / Tuesday 23rd January / 20:30

Smithy’s / Les Deux Alpes / Wednesday 24th January / 23:00

Cocorico / Val D’Isère / Thursday 25th January / 16:00

La Mine / La Plagne / Sunday 28th January / 22:30

#Spotlight On… Sian Hayley Smith

Sian Hayley Smith is one of the finest vocalist-guitar players on the music scene today. Our beautiful artist uses her loop pedal to create tracks live; layering up the guitar, vocals and percussion to create a bigger sound than you’d ever expect from a soloist. Every performance is created live, therefore every performance is unique.


Our enchanting young Irish lass charms and engages her audience and delivers a pitch perfect performance every time. The power behind that sweet, soulful voice will give you goose-bumps. 

Sian Hayley Smith is a must-see artist of an aprés, of an evening, of a wedding, of a party… of an… anything, really. She has an impressive and diverse repertoire – from soulful chilled out sets to foot-stomping classics that get the place pumping.

Here’s a weekly line up where you can definitely catch Sian. Make sure you do. It’ll be a gig to remember.

Tuesday / Lodge du Village / Méribel Village / Aprés

Tuesday / Scott’s Bar & Restaurant / Méribel / Evening

Thursday / Café Del Mott / Mottaret / Lunch

Friday / Couloir / Tignes / Aprés

Sian can also be regularly seen performing at Le Kaila Hotel Méribel, Scotty’s La Plagne, Le Yule Val D’Isère, La Chaudanne Hotel Méribel.

Keep an eye on their Facebook pages for all up to date gig info.

Blazin’ Strings at Tsaretta Bar

The Blazin’ Strings were warmly welcomed at the Tsaretta Bar for Aprés Ski Bands’ Wednesday night music club.

Peacefully calm outside, once the doors were opened, the music flowed through a happy clientele of locals, enjoying their evenings away from the world of work.


An eagerly awaiting crowd didn’t take long to move into the dance floor area and celebrate all things rock as the excellent bar team kept the drinks flowing.

The guys clocked each other and knew exactly what was coming next. Big tunes, big sounds, big fun Wednesdays!


Ben, Toby & Troy read the crowd, worked their music magic and created an evening




See you at Tsaretta Bar for the next gig!

January’s gig dates for Wednesday Night Music Club

17.01.18 / 22:00 / Wingmen

24.01.18 / 22:00 / MAPS

31.01.18 / 22:00 / Blazin’ Strings

Chris Quinn – Aprés Ski Bands’ new solo artist taking the Alps by storm… and he literally arrived in one!

Not only is Chris Quinn an extremely talented musician who has been touring worldwide for well over a decade, he’s a highly regarded solo artist. Maverick, one of Britain’s leading music magazines called him “A Master of the Acoustic Guitar and a Quality Songwriter“. Chris also happens to be a really lovely chap who enjoys a chat over a good cup of coffee. We welcome him with open arms to the Aprés Ski Bands family for the first time this winter season.

Heavily influenced by British folk and American roots music, the Shrewsbury based singer songwriter covers a huge range within each gig; quality modern and classic music, authentic interpretations of traditional and contemporary Celtic and British folk songs, high speed bluegrass flatpicking, style delta blues, gypsy jazz, swinging jazz songs and instrumental solo guitar pieces. Not sure of what any of this sounds like? Go and see one of Chris Quinn’s gigs and all will become beautifully clear!

Meribar / Meribel / Monday 08 January / Aprés

Portetta / Courchevel 1650 / Tuesday 09 January / Aprés / 16:00

La Chaudanne / Meribel / Tuesday 09 January / Evening / 19:00

Grandes Alpes / Courchevel 1850 / Wednesday 10 January / 19:30

Marmot Arms / Tignes / Thursday 11 January / Aprés / 16:30

Kaila / Méribel / Friday 12th January / 19:00

Rockypop / Chamonix / Saturday 13 January / Aprés & Evening

Jacks Bar / Meribel / Monday 15 January / Aprés / 17:00

Ti Bar / Tignes / Monday 15 January / Evening / 22:30

Portetta / Courchevel 1650 / Tuesday 16 January / Aprés / 16:00

Boomerang / Les Gets / Wednesday 17 January / 19:30



Le Comptoir – La Rosier – Wednesday night music club

Le Comptoir is one hell of a place for food, drink and a dance – on or off the tables! Every Wednesday, one of our fabulous groups from Aprés Ski Bands will be rocking the party at this fantastic venue. Down your skis and boards and ride the high energy music that will be flowing your way. Stef and his team will give you a warm welcome and a guaranteed great night out. So grab your buddies and let’s get this Wednesday night party started!


03.01.18 / 22:30 /45s – 3 piece kings of rock n roll! Their stage presence is enormous and there is no doubt that your sweat drenched shirt at the end of the gig is testament to their slamming performance.

10.01.18 / 22:30 / Bloc Off The Wall – A dedicated band of beautiful party makers covering a wide range of musical genres and styles. Guaranteed hits galore!

17.01.18 / 22:30 / Bloc Off The Wall

24.01.18 / 22:30 / Casio – The new boys on the block, with stunning guitar and keys solos!

31.01.18 / 22:30 / Monstaball – Big power chords, crazy antics and rock in it’s truest form! They ARE the party!

07.02.18 / 22:30 / Casio 

14.02.18 / 22:30 / Signals – A female fronted math pop four-piece. Expect lots of harmonies, shouty bits, pedal board antics, and time travel. In the Alps for a limited time only – don’t miss them!

21.02.18 / 22:30 / Casio

28.02.18 / 22:30 / Signals

07.03.18 / 22:30 / 45s

21.03.18 / 22:30 /  Bloc Off The Wall

28.03.18 / 22:30 / Casio

04.04.18 / 22:30 / Blazin’ Strings – Lock up your daughters! This up-beat young party trio will take the roof off with their big sound!

11.04.18 / 22:30 / Monstaball

For up to date info and bookings at Le Comptoir, please go to their facebook page https://www.facebook.com/pg/tolecomptoir/about/?ref=page_internal or website http://www.welcometolecomptoir.com

Electric Spank Winter Tour part 1

We welcome back the funk-soul brothers and sister that are the outstanding Electric Spank!

The first of their two winter tours kicks off this week – get ready to be moving-and-a-grooving to this brilliant six piece’s sound. Lucy’s sexy vocals and will once again be marrying with the delights of the guitar, keys, bass, drums and an oh so brilliant trumpet that will leave you demanding encore after encore!

See them. Love them. We do – we know you will too…

Aquamotion / Courchevel 1550 / 20:30 / 30.12.17

Office de Tourisme / Brides Les Bains / 16:00 / 31.12.17

Meribar / Méribel / Evening / 31.12.17

La Marmotte D’Or / Montriond / 20:30 / 02.01.18

Smithy’s / Les Deux Alps / 23:00 / 03.01.18

Meribar / Méribel / Aprés / 04.01.18

Happy Hours Bar / Ardent / Aprés /  07.01.18

Smithy’s / Les Deux Alps / 23:00 / 10.01.18

Meribar / Méribel / Aprés / 11.01.18

Lodge Du Village / Méribel / 22:30 / 11.01.18

Aprés Ski Bands welcome The Harbour Band for their ’17-’18 winter tour!

Hello to The Harbour Band! These incredibly talented guys are back in the Alps for a two week tour!

They do rock. The do pop. They do soul. They do funk. They do classic tracks. They do modern hits. They certainly do requests! And Josh’s voice is a gloriously rich joy to behold. Fact.

Harbour are the official winners of “Best Band’ for the South West’s Trevor’s award. The guys have travelled all the way from there and are available to perform Worldwide. But YOU get to see them NOW in a resort near you. Check out these dates and times – then book in your fix of these South West music legends that will make your day, or even month, let alone your whole week..!

Cocorico / Val D’Isére / 16:00 / 31.12.17

Scotty’s / La Plagne / Evening / 31.12.17

Cocorico / Val D’Isére / 16:00 / 02.01.18

Scotty’s / La Plagne / 17:00 / 03.01.18

Loop Bar / Tignes / 16:45 / 04.01.18

Ski Lodge / La Tania / Aprés / 05.01.18

Cavern / Morzine / 23:00 / 07.01.18

Cocorico / Val D’Isére / 16:00 / 09.01.18

Scotty’s / La Plagne / 17:00 / 10.01.18

Brasero / Tignes / 16:00 / 11.01.18

Morris Pub / Val D’Isére / 22:00 / 11.01.18

Bobby and his 45s are back!

The 45s descend upon the Alps once again for Part One of 2 tours!

Get ready for these three guys to blow your socks off with their rock-punk, high jinx combination of musical greatness. They’ve been described as  “Legendary well dressed men who perform killer covers of classic soul and rock’n’roll cuts.” What more could you ask for?! They’re so damn sharp both musically and visually, your ears and eyes won’t know what’s hit them…

Go and see them. Just go. You won’t regret it, we promise!

La Mine / La Plagne / Evening / 31.12.17

Frog & Roast Beef / Val Thorens / 22:30 / 02.01.18

Ski Lodge / La Tania / Aprés / 03.01.18

Le Comptoir / La Rosiere / Evening / 03.01.18

Rond Point / Méribel / 17:00 / 04.01.18

Morris Pub / Val D’Isere / 22:00 / 04.01.18

45's Taking the Piste

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Aprés Ski Bands ’17-’18 #What’sNew?

We welcome Paddy James to The French Alps for his first season with Aprés Ski Bands. Now well into his gigging over here, this talented fella sings and plays a clever mix of classic, modern and original music with key changes and mash-ups that’ll leave you smiling with recognition as well as surprise! (Listen out in particular for The Divine Comedy’s ‘National Express’ and The Killers meets The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air… oh yes!)

He’s come so far already and yet still has so much to offer his audience. Seek him out. Enjoy him live. Download his ‘Lost Boy’ EP. Paddy James is one to watch.


You can catch Paddy at the following venues between now and new year;  23/12 aprés & evening at The Yule, Val D’Isére  //  26/12 aprés at Portetta, Courchevel 1650  //  27/12 après at Lodge Du Village, Méribel Village  //  28/12 après at La Mine, La Plagne  //  28/12 evening at Café Del Mott, Mottaret  //  31/12 New Year’s Eve at Rockypop, Chamonix